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writing from a character's point of view.

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G.C.S.E English Coursework Personal writing: Fiction Text: 'Joby' By Stan Barstow Assignment: writing from a character's point of view. Joby Weston : This summer lots of things happened to me which I will never forget because firstly, my mum had to go into hospital, became friends with Gus and Tommy after having a fight with Gus, and also found out about my dad and Mona. It at all began on the first of the summer when my mum was going to hospital for an operation which I don't know anything about. I had to stay with my aunt daisy even though I didn't want to and wanted to stay with my dad. It was really strange because my dad was off ill from work despite the fact he complained about taking time off to take my mum to the hospital. when I came home to pick up my comic Mona came out of my dads room looking all red and worn out but said she was only talking to him , so I collected my comic and finished off reading it. Later that day I went to the cinema with my mate 'SNAP' but Gus Wilson was sitting behind us firing pellets at us , when he missed it hit the attendant and the old man thought it was us , so I got thrown out by the daft old man. ...read more.


when Gus and Tommy convinced me to not go and instead hang around with them after Sunday school was due to finish , I went home only to have aunt daisy start her where have you been attitude , she had also found out about me going to the hospital . I got the letter from my mum which confused me a bit but I thought nothing of it at the time. I hadn't seen Snap for a while now, I waited for him to come and see me now. I had also started hanging out with Gus and Tommy a lot , there was something very good about being with Gus , when we went into the chemists to get a prescription for Tommy's father , they both started stealing stuff , I felt like running away , but I left the shop quietly and walked off , hoping I would not be seen as an accomplice , they got away with it and told me this happens all the time , the next time they stole , I helped them , although I didn't steal anything , it gave me a thrill . I was thrilled to hear my mam was coming home, and that things were not as serious as they could have been. Snap finally came to talk to me again , we had a quick chat and he went off , when I suddenly thought what my mother had said about him not being someone ...read more.


as they talked about who was at fault , apparently my dad had ran off with Mona but she had come back and everyone found out about it , I came down for some water and my mam gave me 2 biscuits and sent me off to bed , I still heard them talking , and heard me mam blaming Mona for being so stupid . The next day I went to see if snap was in , but the only person there was an old lady who asked me to read a letter for her , I pretended not to be able to read handwriting as the letter was about her sons little girl being run over and killed by a bus , and I didn't want to tell her such horrifying news , when I went back aunt daisy , uncle Ted and mam were talking again so I was sent out , I went down the field and saw my dad and started talking to him , I told him that uncle Ted mam and aunt daisy were waiting for him at home , after I while I started questioning him about why he liked Mona more than my mam , my father sent me off and said I could tell me mam he was there , but then I went back to get him , we talked and he said he would come back , I got on his shoulders and he walked us home . ...read more.

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