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Writing From Macbeth's Point Of View - GCSE

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´╗┐Draft ? Recreations Was that a dagger swimming into the cold chambers of my imagination? Or am I just a lunatic? The answers lingered in my brain, spiralling out of control, making me faint, as I inhaled the black starless sky. The deep careless thoughts caressed my body; as the cold air embraced my white speckled soul. The dagger pierced its way into my thoughts, allowing darkness to fill my soul. I felt myself fighting above the surface, as if I were drowning, being pulled back from underneath. Am I drowning in my sins? Or the sea made tears of sorrow, after the deed is done. It was as if the shackles - made of daggers - tightened its grip, every time I tried to scream for help, devouring my soul even further into the deep, dark thoughts, I had once forbidden myself from. ...read more.


Such a question shall bring me both victory and death. I closed my eyes. Darkness crept behind my eyelids, causing me to shiver with guilt. I felt like my lungs gave up on my body, my breath uneven, I tried to discard the thoughts of encouragement, yet they crept behind me, lurking behind me. I am a man, a host and a shadow. I should not be allowing my deepest desires to overtake the palms, which had saved the man I wish to put to rest. My brain ran in circles restlessly, revisiting the bitter ambition that sank to the bottom of my stomach, burdening me. It creeps over my innocent soul, trying to cover it with dark colours. As if the devil had gifted me, possessing my beliefs and my ideology. ...read more.


Yet I yearned to be King Macbeth. A King of kindness, a King of just and a King of sympathy. But in doing so will result in my status, my pain and my death to be intensified by the wrath of God. Going against the King, was like going against God. But I do not agree with the natural order. It was just utter nonsense from my perspective. Surely it will come back to sting me, where it hurts most - for it is written in my destiny, written to bring shred my dream of a long life, into mere pieces of a shameful king. I cannot defend myself from this urge. If I am a man, I will do it. I am a man. A man with the contaminated desires planted in his mind, by evil. But will I be a man after it? Let?s find out. ...read more.

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