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Writing has traditionally been regarded as superior to speech Discuss

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?Writing has traditionally been regarded as superior to speech? Traditionally, writing has often been referred to as the superior mode of communication. Since the Middle Ages, when more than half the population was illiterate, one who held the ability to write was considered to be part of the elite upper social class- and those who had this ability generally garnered a secured future with further education. However due to the major influx of technology in the recent years, the significance of speech has been increased- mainly because more and more people are using mobile phones; presenting on radio stations or acting on television. When discussing whether speech or the written word is superior, it is a difficult question to answer as peoples? thoughts on what makes one superior will be different from one another. ...read more.


One reason as to why these authors appeal to a larger audience than speakers is due to the fact that speakers only target a specific audience at a specific period of time rather than broadening the gap to anyone at anytime. Nowadays though some consider speech equal if not superior to speech, as they argue that speech can be flexible and adaptable meaning that it can be backed up by body language and facial expressions not just the style of tone and its graphology. Typically, this mode of communication is often preferred by politicians as they feel that they can achieve more with a speech than they can with that of a written communication. Martin Luther King Jr was a prime example of a politician who would use spoken language to his advantage because despite being a ...read more.


This cannot be done when listening to a speech as speech is progressive and normally does not have any written evidence of such. Another reason as to why speech is considered inferior to speech is over half of speech tends to be transient which means speech has a greater risk of points and information being misunderstood or misheard, whereas the majority of written pieces tend to be in standard English meaning that there is no evidence of regional dialect. To conclude, although speech is becoming more recognised due to the influx in technology such as YouTube; Television and Radio- there are still many who enjoy reading and regard written works as the superior mode of communication due to its reign throughout history as the ultimate form of communication. ...read more.

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