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writing inspired by Pygmalion.

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Pygmalion I woke up this morning with a very good mood and was remembering the events of the last evening. I won my bet about Liza, not that I ever doubted I would win, but it was a really good feeling. Oh, I think I had also little argument with Liza yesterday after the dinner. She wasn�t doing her job bad at all, but at home when all the tension fell of her she lost her temper. I suppose that happened because she had been so nervous, well, and sometimes she is simply a stupid ignorant thing. But however, it doesn�t matter anymore, she�ll be fine today. What I needed now was a cold bath and a strong coffee. After taking the bath and getting dressed, I went downstairs to have breakfast. Mr Higgins (shouting):" Mrs Pearce!" It took a while until Mrs Pearce finally came, and she didn�t even bring a coffee. Mrs Pearce: "Good morning Sir, how are you feeling today?" Mr Higgins:" I would feel better with a cup of coffee, what a bad service is this , I hope it will not become normal that I have to wait so long for it." ...read more.


I didn�t know what to say so I went upstairs to the third floor to make sure that she really wasn�t in her room. It was empty, and the bed has not been used this night. Most of her things were gone. I returned to the living room and sat down, not knowing what to do next. She had no reason to leave this house. Nobody ever treated her bad, in contrary, she had everything she wanted. I couldn�t understand this silly girl. But where could she have gone, she doesn�t know anybody, besides these people she knew from her old life of the gutter, but I was sure she wouldn�t return there. Mr Higgins:" Bring Colonel Pickering, he should know what happened." Mrs Pearce:" Yes Sir, and don�t worry, you will find her." Mr Higgins:" I�m not worried at all about that a stupid thing." Mrs Pearce:" Of course sir, I go for Colonel Pickering." While I was waiting I was just thinking where we could find her and if I should phone the police. Colonel Pickering:" Morning Higgins, Mrs Pearce just told me the bad news, what happened, why did she leave. ...read more.


I went upstairs to my mother�s room and told her that Liza left and that I needed to find her. She wasn�t really on our side an defended Liza, what I couldn�t understand. But then another unexpected thing happened. Mr Doolittle came tomy mother�s house, but he wasn�t anymore this drunken poor dustman, but an expensive dressed gentleman, who became rich because after the first time he visit me I mentioned to an old blighter who was given five millions to found Moral Reform Society, that Alfred Doolitle was the most original moralist of England. I never thought that because of this joke, the old blighter would leave him a share worth three thousand a year and the only thing he has to do for the money is to lecture six times a year. But he wasn�t really happy about it, because now everybody wanted his money. My mother said, that he would now be able to provide for Liza�s future, but that made me really angry, because he had sold his daughter for five pounds, so she doesn�t belong to him. And then the next surprise came, my mother told me that Liza was upstairs. Lorena Fischer ...read more.

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