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Writing to advise teenagers. Internet, music, fashion, technology, social life.

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The Thoughts of What This may not apply to you, but it applies to a majority of the teenage population, and is continuously growing. Internet, music, fashion, technology, social life 1. Cell phones. A mobile electronic device used for telecommunications over a cellular station. These little gadgets can take over a teenager's life. Having them in your presence during class, always wanting to take them out to look at a blank screen because you did not get a text from your fellow schoolmates, just distracts you from the lesson and can eventually lead you to falling behind in the course. Cell phones ultimately disrupt your work habits. But you don't just check your cell phones in class. You also check.... 2. iPods. A portable media player designed to play music, and comes with many other features to DISTRACT YOU FROM CLASS! With the evolution of the iPod touch, which more people are getting attracted too, as it has various games; this is just another electronic device that can just distract you from class as well as the cell phone. 3. ...read more.


If you are well known but a majority of people don't necessarily like you, then I don't believe that is actually being popular. You should make some friends that will be there for you. It is a big misconception that people think popularity is connected to... 6. Dating. A form of a human relationship which will consist of social activities. Dating in high school may be important to others, as people have met their "true love" in high school. But, to find your "one and only" in high school is a rather small percentage than the others who encounter their match later on in their lives. In high school, dating can ruin friendships, and as intensity increases, it can ultimately depress you forever. Dating is something that can wait for the prime years, unless necessary. I have seen couples broken up because their partner changed their... 7. Fashion. The custom style at a given time. This is not as negative as the others, as fashion is truly important, as it distinguishes yourself from another human being, to show who you truly are. ...read more.


Body image in high school is just something to refer to in the past, when you look at yourself 20 years from then, and say "Wow, look at me now, I look great". They might look back at past pictures through the.... 10. Internet. A global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite to serve billions of users worldwide. Internet can be debated, as it is very important for school work and to find resources for school projects. But, many teens use the internet to WASTE TIME and claim that they are searching for resources, while they are checking their popularity on facebook by checking how many friends they have compared to others, for example. The internet is very strong, and what is put on the internet can never be taken back. Teenagers still do not understand that. Even celebrities do not understand that. It is a lesson that needs to be embellished into the heads of teens, so that they will not waste time checking their popularity on facebook and start studying and reviewing for school. Schoolwork should always come before social interactions. All definitions were found from thefreedictionary.com ...read more.

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