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Writing to Argue, Persuade and Advise

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Writing to Argue, Persuade and Advise Can Manchester United win the Sextuple? I think it's actually more possible than many may be giving it credit. The major factors to multiple hauls are usually luck, momentum, injuries, and scheduling. The line between being the best and being unbelievable is, in my opinion, much less than most recognise; it's the base factor, without doubt, but it's also the easiest to control. In reality you need only be the best to win multiples - I've seen unbelievable sides win just titles (Arsenal 2004) and the mere best win multiples (Arsenal 1998, United 1996). It comes down to the other three factors as to whether you'll win more, but crucial points to run over again besides are (1) the league crown is the arguable base factor and must be secured, (2) it's prime for generating momentum and ensuring ease of scheduling, not to mention having the largest likely statistical impact on injury concerns, (3) philosophically, it's the easiest to win in that you have the greatest likelihood of control, taking point 2 heavy into consideration (notice I didn't say it's simply easier to win - that's not true, but is a very different matter to the issue of control and its centrality). ...read more.


Who better than Ferguson at ensuring momentum is kept? His psychological approach is regimented and geared toward continual aspiration for the historic; he is not afraid of looking at variables as calculated risks, as opposed to automatically dismissing them as impossible targets without proper prior research. His sides as a result have done similar things before (the Treble is markedly obvious) and the culture of the club is geared toward expectation, enjoyment, and excitement of these things. Pressure is a minimally felt effect at Manchester United, despite being of course present, precisely because it is both expected and enjoyed - they don't run from it, but look for it. As a result, I'd put this factor also in their favour - momentum has been partly generated by their defensive run, which helps, but is insignificant compared to the culture and attitude of the manager. Huge, huge plus, and they're far better prepped for it than anyone else I can think of. There is also the practical issue of legs - for me, the Carling Cup has always been the most tricky leg to master, and the most important - why? Because it's not usually focused upon heavily, increasing the variables, and is the first leg - the first is always critical in ensuring momentum kicks. ...read more.


Generally, though it would hard to put this in anyone's favour, so far, it's probably acceptable for a multiple haul - it's the best you can do. There are other factors involved, which have been touched on here and there, such as luck of the draw etc., suspensions, managerial incidents, press revelations, etc. Generally, it can only come down to what you can control and what you seek to control, and I see little to oppose the possibility that even if United do not win all the trophies available, they are certainly in a unique position to attempt it. That is all one can ask or expect - now it's up to managing what they can of those variables, and seeing what happens. Personally, I would put their chances of securing the lot at as high as 35-40% given current pacing and situation. That is still an absolutely remarkable figure - the fact it is being discussed with a genuine potential for execution is in my mind enormous, awesome credit to United. They are raising the already significantly high bar to a level potentially beyond anyone's wildest imagination. To merely discuss it is an achievement in and of itself, but make no bones about it - it is possible, and holds a fair betting chance of occurring. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework ...read more.

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