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Writing to argue - why we need more teachers in kindergarten

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´╗┐The following are the points to be discussed in this meeting: Firstly, the budget approved for Kindergarten this year at A?Rowad School is, that of three Arabic teachers, three English, one PE and one Music teacher. Nursery rhymes and dances are part of the everyday plan in most kindergarten curriculums; therefore a music lesson is not needed as the children?s need for the music is met daily. Furthermore, music teachers are difficult to find and require a very high salary. ...read more.


She is ready to start as soon as called. Last Thursday, I interviewed a skilled, experienced, qualified and accomplished KG teacher who asks for solely 600 KD in order to teach English for KG. Our school is desperately in need for this teacher, which is why I request her recruitment. For a long time now, KG classes have been taught by a mere teacher assistant whose subject skills and knowledge are very limited. Adding to that The KG department needs someone experienced in Kindergarten American curriculum, practised in planning and creating resources and activities that meet the student?s needs. ...read more.


I also insist that Anwar who is now the Drama teacher who the ministry approved as an English teacher to be our ESL teacher for this year and the next. She?s got the talent, skills and expertise to fill this position successfully. Thirdly, Today is the first day for new registration; the staffs responsible is very concerned about the pressure that would be put on them, solely one receptionist deals with every day school calls, arranges meetings for parents, and sorts daily attendance. To have an effective and operative registration system we will need an extra receptionist. ...read more.

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