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Writing to Describe:"The City"

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Writing to Describe: "The City" Pushing through the swarm of the crowd the electric air buzzes with anticipation and excitement. Beeps, shouts and bangs echo through this metropolis creating a peculiar cacophony of sounds that dance off the hanging inky sky. Bars and clubs display their illuminating green, blue and red neon signs, drawing to them eager chumps. Like moths to a flame, the mesmerised customers gather in monstrous crowds, to splurge their monies on extortionately priced pints, Cheeky Vimto's and packets of crisps. The few bodies that wander the streets sober keep to themselves, walking the grey pavements quiet and alone. ...read more.


Red, amber and green spheres stand on top of large black poles, appearing and disappearing, whilst cars rush past and stop by them. The tiny men that perch inside of them flash and beep in unison; letting small herds of people amble across the zebra motif patterned on the floor. Like aligned soldiers ready for battle, the sturdy concrete traffic bollards line the edge of the pavement, caged by the sturdy metallic gate that towers behind them. The faint glow that drops from the lone street lamp splashes over the ebony face of the tarmac road, leaving a pathetic puddle of light to brighten the vast blackness of the midnight sky. ...read more.


The echoing sound of club music vibrates the narrow street and worms its way into every crack and crevice. Shaking even the tallest and mightiest of buildings, its bass penetrates every solid object. Like a flame the night is slowly burning out, extinguishing all the hype and energy that gathers in this city. The weekend has brought alive the monster that thrives on the alcohol, drugs and parties, satisfying its appetite for another week. It may regret it in the morning as its head bangs, ears screech and stomach spews; but the satisfaction is too great! And until the following weekend... The city sleeps. Writing to Describe Jordan Pargeter ...read more.

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