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Writing to entertain.

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Ashley Stanley 10h Writing to Entertain - 1st Draft It had been exactly twenty years since my world crumbled to pieces around me. Twenty years since I'd loved, twenty years since I'd been truly happy. I was fifteen when I met John and we were both on the verge of leaving school. We had known each other for years but had never really spoke to each other or got to know one another. A week before the leavers disco a reliable source, well, my best friend Lisa had told me John liked me and wanted to go the disco with me. To my astonishment I got giddy with excitement and was jumping about frivolously, although, not to my knowledge, John was standing directly behind me. When I noticed I quickly shrugged my peculiar behaviour off, turned around and smiled sweetly. John seemed nervous like something was bothering him but he got straight to the point and asked me to go to the disco with him. In the normal school girl manner I said 'yes', and ran off giggling with my friends. Looking back now he must have thought I was really pathetic, I'm surprised he still wanted to go with me after all the palaver. That night something came over me and I found the courage to ring him. It wasn't much of a conversation but there was definitely chemistry. That weekend I headed to town to choose my outfit. I spent hours wondering what impression each piece of clothing would give but there was no sign of my perfect gown. ...read more.


We had highs and lows like any normal couple and you could say everything was perfect. We did all sorts of things together, including going on holiday to Spain. We were really happy and things were going great, well that's what I thought anyway. May 15th 2008 is a date I'll never forget. John had phoned me and said we needed to talk. We met in the local pub because John said we needed privacy. He sounded really serious so I arrived as quickly as I could. I sat down and John once again got straight to the point. He told me that he needed a break. He felt too tied down and that he was too young and wanted some sort of time alone before committing for life. My heart shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. I felt like my life was over, I would of preferred to be dead than live without John; he was my world and I'd given him my life. I ran out of the pub but didn't know which way to turn. I was lost in a pool of my own tears, I didn't know who to turn to or where to go for answers. John eventually caught up with me but the only thing he could say to me was sorry. Sorry wasn't enough, not even close so as hard as it was we said our goodbyes. Since that day we have never spoken or even come across one another. It's as if we had never met, neither one of us existed. ...read more.


Thinking about it now, it was probably the happiest and most embarrassing moment of my life. The night turned from good to amazing and from a reunion to more of a sort of engagement party. The congratulations were none stop. I felt like a princess peering down from her balcony, being cheered by all of her most loyal subjects. After the reunion we went back to John's house where I then stayed the night but ended up living. Once we had broken the news to our families we set a date. We wanted a real white wedding but also wanted to have it as soon as possible so we allowed ourselves two months planning time. We had lots of help organizing the occasion and it turned out to be the best day of my life. We were married on 14th February 2028; Valentines Day. The following year I gave birth to identical twins, a girl named Louise and a boy named Lewis. We are all now one big happy family and I couldn't be any more fortunate. I feel so lucky and blessed for how my life has turned around and I am now just wishing it stays this way. The moral to my story is not just don't give up hope or be true to your beliefs, its to know that whenever things go bad, keep your head up high, work hard, and you'll eventually get what you want no matter how bad the situation may be. Also, to know that there is always somebody worse off than yourself so don't pity yourself or indulge in things which will most likely make the circumstances much worse than they actually are. ...read more.

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