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Writing to Explain - The importance of education

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4 Write a letter to the Chair of the Governors of your school or college in which you explain what you believe to be the most important things in education up to the age of sixteen, and why you think this. Dear Mr John, Education and school is a very important part of a child's life. Getting good GCSE results can decide what a person can do as a future job. Getting good grades can open up jobs such as doctors and lawyers. On the other hand, if a student does not get the best of grades, they are restricted from getting into Sixth Forms and other colleges. To get the best grades possible, a student needs to concentrate in all his/her lessons to gain them. ...read more.


I think that this is important in education up to the age of sixteen because everyone needs to be able to be equipped with skills for when they leave school for work as they will find basic skills like how to persuade and inform in letters. Also, you should allow the students to get some social time as well in school hours. If a child is made to work for several hours on end, they will lose concentration and not do as well in exams. I think that by giving the students some time to socialize, they will be prepared to work in lessons and achieve well in exams. This is essential in education as no child can work hours on end and expect to do well in their GCSEs, they need a balance to talk to friends and play games to feel refreshed and wanting to do work. ...read more.


These include: History, Geography, Art, French and more. However, different subjects open different jobs for student, such as History opens jobs like a journalist and a consultant. Some subjects open more jobs than others. Geography opens many different jobs for instance accountancy, geologist and much more, whereas studying Art only allows the student the chance to become a painter. By helping the students to pick subjects that open many jobs to them will also be useful to them when they leave education. I believe that it is important to choose a good range of subjects to allow pupils to have skills useful to all types of jobs. In conclusion, I think that education is very important as it decides where a child will go in the future and by helping them pick subjects that they enjoy but also useful to them will really benefit them when they go off to find jobs. Yours sincerely, Artica ...read more.

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