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Writing to Explore / Imagine / Entertain - "Patchwork Guilt"

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Writing to Explore / Imagine / Entertain "Patchwork Guilt" His eyes were not locked on anyone or anything in particular, but to all those around him they seemed to be fixed on the floor in front of him. The piercing sound of the lawyer's voice resounded throughout the courtroom, tearing apart the remnants of his hope. He couldn't see a future in front of him; despondency and dejection were the only things left. A cough echoed behind him and it punctured his spirit - he realised his hand had jumped to his heart, and his trembling became uncontrollable. The voices in his head became loud and shrieking. He was being told to scream and shout, run away or collapse. His subconscious mind fought with his conscious mind, and as barrages of shells flew across a tattered, war-torn landscape, any desire for peace and serenity that he may have had faded into the background. Mere minutes before this, the protagonist in question was in a somewhat less commiserable state. Most of the inhabitants of his mind were from races of fear and anxiety. These emotions had found themselves in this unusually pleasant home because of a lapse of understanding within his own thought processes. The gates of his mind were left open because those left with the duty of closing them (a pair of aloof and pompous emotions named pride and affectation) ...read more.


He would often visit a club called Orbital. Here he would listen to the music that he loved and meet his friends, in addition to sharing a few pleasant drinks. During his visits to this club, he was aware of the presence of drugs, crime, and far darker affairs occurring in his surroundings. This knowledge began to feed his pride - he felt like he was connected to a mysterious underground world, but he would always be wise enough to steer well clear of the events that created this atmosphere. It was during one of these visits to Orbital that the first episode of our protagonists' self-annihilation would occur. Throughout his entire life, he had never been diagnosed with any kind of mental disorder, or any mental problems of any kind. Those around him generally considered him to be a somewhat ordinary person. Schizophrenia would have been entirely out of the question, had it been suggested to him as a reason for his sudden pangs of emotional pain and guilt. The parasites that had assimilated sectors of his mind were not aware of each other, but they were quite aware of their thrall. Although our antagonists shared the same body as our protagonist, they shared none of his personality traits. ...read more.


Still affected by the vicious consequences of the drugs from the night before, our protagonist was in a state of mental decay. Before the words from the judges' mouth passed through the shrill air into his twitching ears, he collapsed to the floor in a dramatic climatic moment. Some weeks later, the inner barbarous war that had been raging within the mind of our protagonist ended. He realised his life would never be the same again, as the chemicals that had entered his system had broken down the barriers between his multiple personalities. His mind had fought a brutal battle and won against the drugs, with devastating causalities. Now completely mentally stable, the man who had been a slave to his subconscious opted to carve out his own existence - his own identity - free from the tyranny and oppression of his parasitical personalities. This would prove to be a difficult task and soon he would find himself succumbing to their will once more. Our story ends here, due to the fact that there is indeed only so much one can write about a character who has not been named. In a world in which such a character can live and have such life-altering obscurities, it is no wonder that such narratives increasingly invade the privacy of unwilling protagonists. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joseph Fitzpatrick GCSE English creative writing coursework ...read more.

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