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Writing to narrate - Not What It Seems.

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Kushal Shah GCSE English: Writing to narrate Not What It Seems People aren't what other people think they are. Take my 'new stepfather, a white man. My mum is half Indian and half Italian. Me, well I thought myself to be Italian. A Mafioso. I dreamt I would be gangster, be sent to jail but still run a black market business. I would have been the baron of the jail; people would look up to me. But I tell you now it wasn't what it was cracked up to be or at least what I imagined. This is how I know... My new 'father', Bill was his name, Bill Hopkins. I don't know what my mum saw in him. I mean a white man, someone who took over India. Although I acted like an Italian, I was a lot like that. I mean, I was historical, someone who didn't forget his background, even if I did live in Southall. My mum had been like that too. Always telling me stories of the British reign and how her father rebelled against them. He was a true Indian, a freedom fighter and then came my mother. He'll not be too proud of her O.K., so even he married an Italian woman. But she was different. She learnt the language, the cuisine and she was my grandma. This is my mother and I don't think Billy Willy is going to do what my grandma did. Anyway back to Bill and how he wasn't what he seemed to be, to others at ^" least, but not me. I saw through him. The first time he came to pick my mum up for a date. What did he think I was, a dog? Saying 'hiya champ' and petting my head like a crazed sheepdog owner. And that's when I knew what my mum was getting herself into. It wasn't the only time either. ...read more.


The teachers were great and soon I was going to do my GCSE's. The only bad thing about my school was that I had to walk through a bad part of the neighbourhood. I often thought people looked at me peculiarly there. I had to walk all by myself because no one from my school took the same way home as I did. But sometimes you can always think that. Bill was earning enough so mum didn't have to got to work but she got bored so she got herself a part time job in a little charity shop. Life still was great until it started happening. The worst time of my life was about to fire up. It was a normal day like any other but when school finished I noticed five boys hanging outside. I think they were about 20 years old. They called out to me but I don't know what they called me. It was a really bad word I think. I didn't take any notice and walked of in a faster pace but they were not to far behind. I turned around a corner and started running. I don't know why I did that. I suppose I was a bit scared because they kept on taunting me. I was never a person to retaliate and there were also five of them. I knew all I had to do was get into my street. When I did, I looked around the corner and they were not there. I told my mum and Bill about this and they told the school. I think the school must have done something because the next day they were not there. Maybe it was a one off. Maybe they just picked on me on that day. But the next day they were there again. And this time they looked in a worse mood. I walked out of the school and tried my luck by walking past them. ...read more.


The judge asked him if they had reached a verdict. He said yes. "What do you find the defendant on the count of murder?" asked the judge. The courtroom hushed for the answer. "Not guilty!" said the man. The courtroom gave a mixed response. Some sighed with relief some didn't. "And what do you find the defendant on the count of manslaughter?" asked the judge. The courtroom did the same. I looked back at my mum and this was the only time my heart was pounding. The man only said one word, "Guilty!" it was like a knife straight through my heart. Went shattering through the courtroom. My mum burst into tears. But there was still more. The judge said my sentence. I didn't quite hear it but I could sense it was long. Things happened quickly, like they had for the past few months. I didn't get much time for goodbyes. But I had finally got out of my slumber and woken up. Before I didn't care. Now I did. I knew I was going to jail. Mum was whom I worried about most. Bill did turn out the way I said but it only mum got affected. I saw my mum for the last. I hugged her for the last time. I kissed her for the last time. She told me to take care for the last time. It was going to be the last time for a long time. I got into the van handcuffed and thought if mum had seen what Bill was like she would have never married him. If she hadn't married him we would have never moved and none of this would have ever happened. Well you can't change what has happened. So life went on. I didn't know what was going to come but I didn't anticipate it either. Well that's how I came to know what jail is like or at least will come to know. But that's another story. Next time know what people really are like not what they seem like. Before you get yourself into trouble. 1 ...read more.

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