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Wuthering Heights

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English Homework: Wuthering Heights Catherine: I was overjoyed at Heathcliffs return. He surprised everyone and just 'turned up' one night while we were eating. I wanted Edgar and Heathcliff to get along now that they were older and (I hoped) maturer so I made every effort to get them talking, unfortunately neither had much to say to each other. One of the things that most surprised me about Heathcliff was that his appearance had changed; he was well built, and stockier than when he had left. I was so very pleased to see Heathcliff that I couldn't sleep as I was so excited that one of my closest friends had returned. ...read more.


It was only the intervention of Nelly that stopped me losing myself in a fit of passion for the moors. I decided to show them that by ignoring my feelings, I would in turn hurt theirs; I would "break both their hearts by breaking my own". Edgar: I was extremely surprised to see a 'plough-boy' arrive on our doorstep, only to be treated like a brother by Catherine. I was unsure what the fuss was about and confused as to why Catherine was so excited about the return of this runaway servant. Catherine wanted me to get along with Heathcliff but I knew the man when I was younger and had long decided to part myself from him. ...read more.


Isabella: As soon as I met Heathcliff, I though he had a rough charm about him that I adored. I did not really know about his past, and that I did know I took with a pinch of salt, as I knew many people did not understand him. I wanted to know him better for a long time but my mother would hardly let him out of her site, let alone let anyone else converse with her precious friend. Eventually we agreed to elope together and only then did I see the real side of Heathcliff that I had come to cherish. He was an evil man. As soon as I realised I was pregnant I knew my life on the moors had ended and ran away to a place where I could start afresh. ...read more.

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