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Year 10 Coursework Piece 1: The Memory Box by Jack Hughes

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Year 10 Coursework Piece 1: The Memory Box by Jack Hughes Task: Imagine you are moving house. You find a box of different objects. You open it and find objects from the past. Use description to explain those memories to the reader. Today was the day. Today I was going to Grandad's house to move all of his belongings. Last month he died due to ill health. He was only seventy. I was travelling in the family car to Grandad's house. Grandad lived in a semi - detached house on the outskirts of town. We arrived and I walked through the hallway to try to reach my first destination; the attic. When I arrived at the bottom of the stairs I began to trudge quietly up the creaky stairs. Before I knew it I was up the stairs and I turned the door knob and entered the attic. I had decided I was going to start the clear out in the far right hand corner of the room. I find a cardboard box with decades of cobwebs covered on it. I felt so scared and petrified I could almost faint with fear. This reminded me of the treasure box Grandad use to show me once in a while about what his life use to be like when he was a boy. ...read more.


My Grandad was well known in his school for his sport achievements. Every year Grandad use to shout to his mother: "I've won again mother". He will never be forgotten by anybody especially his school friends. Following, in the box was my Grandad's old school cap. It was green to match his house at school; green for Clare. This hat was a flat cap. When I felt it I thought how tiny it was. The design of it hadn't changed since the school first opened. This cap had stayed in the family since Grandad gave it to my Dad about forty years ago. The cap hadn't changed much it looked the same as it had when Grandad wore it and it smelt like the old classrooms in Grandad's school with the old fashioned chalk blackboards. Oh how I remember Grandad telling me about the blackboards when his teachers use to fill it three times over with math equations. Then when I came of age Dad gave the cap to me but I outgrew it and it ended up back at Grandad's. It was like the cap had been in my family forever. Penultimately I discover some old currency from France. ...read more.


Sidney and Grandad always went crabbing, sailing or even surfing! They loved crabbing because it was so interesting discovering what different types of creatures lived in the rock pools. Grandad and Sidney use to catch a wide range of specimens in Blackpool rock pools: crabs from North Beach; Starfish from eats Beach; Seaweed from South Beach and sea urchins form West Beach. Sidney and Grandad always use to show their mother and father their catch of the day (after they'd gone fishing.) "Look Mother and Father we've caught all the sea creatures in Blackpool!" When it was raining my Grandad was treated to a movie. The family would go out and go to Blackpool Odeon. This letter reminded me of when my mum and dad took me to Tenby and we spent a few days at the local beach. I never did have time to finish my huge clear out and before I knew it it was time to go for tea, maybe I will have to come back tomorrow. I wonder if tomorrow will be as interesting as today was..... I will never forget Grandad. He always was a brilliant man. He will never be forgotten by anyone especially his family and closest friends of whom was a lady called Jilly Greed who went to school with Grandad many years ago. Why did my Grandad have to pass away so suddenly? ...read more.

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