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You are the director of a new production of the play “Blood Brothers”. Give advice to the actors playing the roles of Eddie and Mickey about how to tackle the age changes.

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You are the director of a new production of blood brothers. Give advice to the actors playing the roles of Eddie and Mickey about how to tackle the age changes. You must comment on at least two scenes in detail. If you have seen a production of Blood Brothers you may also refer to this. In the scene when you both meet for the first time you must consider your body language. You must consider how an eight year old would walk and stand. An eight year old would have fewer worries than someone who is older than them so they would walk not really paying much attention to what is around them. ...read more.


Another important factor to consider is the way you deliver your lines. You should deliver your lines in a free flowing way. When they are swearing you should not feel like people might be offended. In the scene when you Mickey and Eddie meet for the first time after they have both moved to the country you should pay attention to your body language. This time Eddie and Mickey are both 16 - 17 years olds. So you have to think about how a 16 - 17 year old would act. A 16 - 17 year old would have more problems than a person of 8 years old but still not as many as an older person. ...read more.


While Eddie on the other hand has few, because he has a successful business. Mickey has just realised that Eddie is seeing his girlfriend Linda. When Mickey is pointing the gun at Eddie, Eddie has to act scared because he fears for his life. Mickey is holding the gun so that he feels in control instead of having Eddie control his life. Mickey has to act confused because Eddie made his life; he gave him a job and a nice home. You again have to consider the tone of your voice. Mickey should say his lines in a sort of stuttery way. Eddie should deliver his lines in a scared voice, while Mickey should deliver his lines in a scared and confused way. 1 Richard Hocking ...read more.

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