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You have been offered one thousand pounds as a bet, by a friend, to spend the night in a haunted house. Write about the thoughts, feelings and experiences that you felt through the night.

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You have been offered one thousand pounds as a bet, by a friend, to spend the night in a haunted house. Write about the thoughts, feelings and experiences that you felt through the night. I stared at the forgotten ruin as my taxi pulled up outside. It reminded me of a tombstone in a graveyard, overcome with vines; twisting around it like a snake trying to kill its prey. I got out. " 5.55 please mate" stated the cab driver. I exchanged money with him and he drove off. I looked up upon this house with great discomfort. ' Why on earth did I agree to this bet? Spend a night in an old rotten "haunted" house!"' My mind pondered. I stepped up to the front door, which had been populated with cobwebs and spiders. An old rusty chain hang down swinging in the breeze twined with vines, which I assumed, was the doorbell. I pulled it. I made a loud CLANG that shook the whole house, echoing from every crevice. A light suddenly appeared from the crease of the door. It creaked open revealing an old frail man with a candlestick in his hand. He stood there looking at me with his cold eyes penetrating deep into my skin. ...read more.


A young girl's voice rhymed. I looked around the room to see if I could see her. No one was there. She continued rhyming. I followed her voice into a room on the opposite side of the hallway. I pushed open the door and a little girl was sitting on a wooden rocking horse surrounded with dolls and toys. " Hello" she said timidly, " who are you?" "I'm jack. What's your name" "Monica" "That's a nice name. I like your horse, has it got a name?" I asked simply " Princess." She said quite confidently. " Do you know where my mummy is?" "Who's your mummy?" I asked curiously. "Mr. Edding? What on earth are you doing in here?" the old man demanded I spun around and I was faced a brood-faced man with pupils the size of a pinhead. " I told you not to wonder around," he said sharply. "No, you don't understand" I said trying to explain, " I was in the dinning room and I heard a young girl rhyming 'she sells sea shells' and so went in here and I was talking to her." "Talking to who?" "The little girl called Monica sitting on the rocking horse" as I said this I turned around and pointed where she was. ...read more.


I swallowed hard and asked, " when was that?" " About eighty years ago. You see he and his wife Melissa and daughter Monica used to live happily here. Until one unfortunate day, Cunningham lost his job at the bank. That was the only thing that made him feel alive, and had a nervous breakdown and started to go crazy. Then one night, he decided to kill his family while they were sleeping." "Why?" I questioned "He went mad didn't he, mad people who have nervous breakdowns are unpredictable, well that's just my opinion. Some people say that he wanted to kill himself but didn't want his family to grieve, or that he blamed them for losing his job. No-one knows really." He went on " he killed his own daughter in cold blood with a kitchen knife. But when he was about to shove that knife into his wife she woke up, and started to run. But he eventually caught up with her and killed her. So afraid of being caught the coward goes and kills himself too." I was horrified by this story of a blood and guts massacre. I wondered could a person actually become mad and kill their family all because of losing their job. Or is it that he was just mad to begin with and he just needed starting up?Tara Mundy 11a Dr. Kavanagh 1/10/2004 ...read more.

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