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You're all i need

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"The Lord our God will never bare any pain on you no more than you can handle" I know that god will have never given me Aneekaa if he knew I couldn't handle her, right? Aneekaa is my daughter after all and it's me and her against the whole world, Aneekaa my darling you're all I have and my sweet baby, your all I need My Name is Champagne Loyalty James and this right here is my story. As per-normal I woke up to the same old sound of Aneekaa vastly driving my patience away with her constant crying and urge to annoy me. "Shhhhh "I silenced her as I picked her up from her cot and swayed her side to side in a slow motion. After a couple of minutes of repeating this same movement she finally shut herself up and allowed me to place her back in her cot, so I could get ready for school and get her ready for nursery. 1 hour later Aneekaa and I were both dressed, fed and ready 2 go. Luckily for me, Aneekaa's nursery was down the road from, my school. "Bye Nan" I shouted from the downstairs hallway as I put Aneekaa in her pushchair and left my house, setting off to the bus stop. ...read more.


but instead that same ear-splitting sound of that biggest mistake I've ever made in my life! Mine and Jordell's 18 months yr old Daughter - Aneekaa Clarisa James-Harris- If only I could relive the naughty manoeuvres of 2 years ago. I would have overlooked it with a passion! Its Crazy how a baby can change your life in some of the worst ways ever: Now Jordell and I decided to break up and just avoid each other for a while, I still see him round school but we only really talk if it's about Aneekaa, my mum kicked me out and I'm now living with my Nan and I'm officially in yr 11. Who ever thought that the duration of 2 hours in a 24 hour day could lead to so much drama? ************* "Who do you think you are talking to? I'm not one of your stupid little friends that you can talk to anyhow, now give me back my daughter." A crowd swiftly surrounded us and by that we knew it was war! Can't disappoint the public now, can we? "Don't get me started on your mum." Jordell spat "OOOOOOOOOOOOO!! "Everyone chorused "Go on then, what's there to say" I provoked him Then Aneekaa started shouting "MUMMY, DADDY STOPP!" ...read more.


Jordell butted in, looking jealous. "Why are you talking to me like we are friends, go back upstairs to your slut of a girlfriend, now, please?" I moved my hands back and forwards, in a go away sort of gesture. He leapt towards me. The look on Jordell's face told me I had started things and taken them a bit too far but he was ready to end it. "Champagne. Are you dumb? Trying to bring Katrina into this when you know she would a better mum then you by far, and do you want to know one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made is being with you." He screamed, and just stood there looking at me like I was dirt. Yet it was something big for me. For the first time in my 15 years I was absolutely lost for words I felt trapped in ah claustrophobic box. I felt so small, so hurt, so ashamed, so deceived, and so dumb, for ever thinking he loved me. The pain dwelling in my heart, was a one in 6 billion feeling, something unknown and immune to my system, until now, as I stood there silenced by the cause of heart break and curse of infatuation, I felt the tears build up in my eyes, blurring my vision and Jordell's cold stare sharply as well as deeply cutting into my soul. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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