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You Sherlock Holmes are now knighted

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An imaginative response "You Sherlock Holmes are now knighted for all of the detective work that you have done" They were the very words that the majesty said to me. Back in the times that I worked with my side kick Dr Watson. I really enjoyed being a detective, but now there are not that many detectives left because of all the new technology! There was this one mystery that I remember particularly well. The case was called a Scandal in Bohemia; I remember this case so clearly because of a woman who I was working against called Irene Adler. This woman was so beautiful, she had everything and for a first time in my life I had feeling for a woman. I was working when the famous Jack the Ripper was on the streets! This mystery all began when I got a letter through the post. I didn't have any kind of clue who the letter was form. The first thing that I did was to called over my companion Watson to look at the letter. ...read more.


I wondered silently, the importance of the picture, so I asked him out right The very words he said were that Irene was going to make this picture of him and her, public. If Irene Adler were to make this picture public, then the king of Bohemia would be ruined. The king then went away, I needed to research Irene Adler. So I looked up Irene Adler in my index. My index told me that she was pretty, very popular and she has a very quiet social life, I thought she is only a woman what is the worst that she can do? I was very determined to get the picture because if I were to get this picture then I would get a large bag of gold and a enormous amount of money. Watson and I had now found out a little more about Irene Adler. But for now we needed to get the picture she had in he hands. I went to Briony lodge in a hansom cab. ...read more.


Watson and I went over to Irene Adler's house, to my astonishment there was a fight out side Irene's house. I went to protect Irene from the tussel. I survived, and then went on into Irene's house. I was in the house where the picture of the king was. I waited for a little while then gave the signal for Watson to throw the smoke rocket into the house. Watson threw the rocket into the house, when the rocket entered the fire alarm went off. I followed the beautiful Irene Adler. I was correct in thinking that she would go to the picture. I went home to tell Watson I knew where the picture was! The following day the king came back to my house and demanded me to get the picture. I told the king that Irene Adler was married and that she would not even hesitate to make the picture public. After the case I received a letter; the letter informed me that Irene was working against Watson and me. I then thought that Irene was a lot smarter than I had anticipated. As a result of my work, the king was grateful and rewarded me with jewels. ...read more.

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