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You witness an incident which you are forced to get involved in. Use this idea for the basis of a narrative.

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You witness an incident which you are forced to get involved in. Use this idea for the basis of a narrative. ?What happened?? asked the officer urgently. ?When did this occur? What did the criminal look like? Which way did he go?? So many questions yet so little answers. Why am I getting questioned by the authorities when they should be focussed on catching the criminal? How did I ever come to this situation? Let me think... It was a glorious Monday morning and I was just strolling down to the bus stop. The weather was sunny and bright. The atmosphere was so peaceful. Birds chirping, wind blowing. It was around 6:30 in the morning and I would say that this was the perfect time of the morning. ...read more.


I hurried a few streets to my right. I was tremendously flabbergasted to hear that the scream had come from such a far distance. As I was sprinting my way down the streets, a hooded figure began running towards me. As the figure approached, his image began to show but I couldn?t visualise his whole image and then I saw.....the figure with blood all over his clothing. I was completely gobsmacked hence I avoided him as we ran past each other in opposite directions. Adrenaline rushed through my body as I hurried to the scene. More screams began to originate as I finally reached a large crowd of individuals. ...read more.


As I got up from the lifeless teen, a teardrop fell onto the body. I regretted the fact that I wasn?t there to save on time. Ahead, I heard sirens originating from a distance however it was too late. The police had arrived to examine the situation but the crowd began to deviate, because they knew that they may get caught up in this mess. Nevertheless, I remained where as I was as the authorities approached the body. Now here I am; gutted, sad and angry. I could have saved her if I got to her earlier. Polly was only 15 years and was on her way to school. It was a case of wrong place at the wrong time for Polly. I could have ceased the criminal in his tracks as he had run past me! I had the power to change everything but no... I didn?t. ...read more.

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