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Your shoes and flight

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Flight and Your shoes both have many similarities. They both deal with growing up as the characters change and build up throughout the stories. In Flight the grandfather is stubborn at the start of the story but as the play goes on, he decides to give up and let the granddaughter free. Your shoes deals with growing up as well, but the characters change slightly; this is shown when the mother finally writes her welfares to her daughter despite showing so much love for her which makes it hard for her to say her welfares. Flight starts with grandfather holding onto his favourite pigeon. Grandfather lets the pigeon fly but as soon as the pigeon spreads his wings he captures it again and puts the pigeon into a small box where it can't escape "He deliberately held out his wrist for the bird to take flight and caught it again at the moment it spread its wings. He would like to lock his granddaughter up the same way he locks up the pigeons to make his granddaughter stay away from Steve. ...read more.


'Can't we keep her a bit longer' this quote indicates the strong love which the grandfather feels for his granddaughter. In Your Shoes the daughter has left home and the mother is desperate to have her daughter back, because she loves her and feels lonely with out her 'I knew you'd come back' this quote indicates the hunger of the mother for her daughter. Both stories also have the experience of past life. In Your Shoes the mother describes her experience with her mother showing how difficult it was for her to live with, but she still did. This actually shows how the generation has changed. Similarly in Flight the mother uses her experience to try to convince the grandfather that how happy she was when she got married to her husband said in the following quote. The theme about freedom is being asked in both stories. In Your Shoes the daughter runs away because the lack of freedom was given to her, although the freedom was too much compared to the freedom her mother was given, but in the eyes of her daughter and the generation she was living in made her feel the freedom was too less. ...read more.


'Politely she moved towards him, after a lingering backward glance at the road.' The calm and polite manner shows how mature she is. Compared to flight Your shoes only shows immaturity of the daughter who left because of her father having an argument with her, because she went to a night club and came back home very late and was drunk, which made the father very angry, and he called her a dirty slut and other rude comments. By her father calling her a dirty slut made her fell insecure and trapped so she decided to leave. . Although the main theme of "Flight" and "Your Shoes" are similar, however structurally they are different, because in "Flight" the grandfather didn't want the accept the choice of the granddaughter but in the end they both came to a solution and the grandfather ends up accepting her choice. While in "Your Shoes" the mother doesn't want to move on. She constantly refuses to put the welfare of her daughter first, because she knows that she won't get this letter and won't come back. Therefore the relationship between the mother and the daughter is not re-established and doesn't have the happy ending as Flight ?? ?? ?? ?? Parvinder Singh 30102519 ...read more.

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