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Your to tell your story of the disaster of the sinking of the Titanic as if you were one of the survivors

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You're to tell your story of the disaster of the sinking of the Titanic as if you were one of the survivors It was just a slight shake but I knew what had happened. It was just past eleven forty on a clear night. The titanic had just grazed a gigantic razor sharp iceberg. I ran up a flight of steel stairs, my feet clanging on the steps as I ran up. I turned a corner and ran past the stinking, claustrophobic cabins that I and many other crewmembers shared. I ran up another flight of stairs these ones wooden and found what I was looking for. A small circular window was just in front of me. I took a few paces and opened it. As I poked my head out of the window a gust of freezing air slapped me in the face. I gazed around looking for any sign of damage to the hull, finding none I made my way back to the engine room. Upon entering the engine room I received a thorough damage report. ...read more.


As I set foot in the cabin areas of the second class, beautiful rooms with four poster beds and even more exquisite paintings lining the walls I could hear the worry of the passengers as they heard the shocking news of what happened to the Titanic. There were men, women and children hurrying around trying to be some of the first to get to the lifeboats and to safety. I was heading for the captains quarters when the first distress flair was set from the deck lighting up the sky making the worry of the passengers and crew even more visible. When I reached the captain's quarters I knocked on a door with a shiny brass plate saying, "captain" on it. After a few moments of waiting in the almost mansion like corridor the door opened. A man in his late forty's was standing in the door way with a look of concern on his face. The captain was short with dark black hair greying on the sides and back, he had a presence of power surrounding him and you could clearly tell he was in charge. ...read more.


Two of the other engineers had also managed to get on. The boat was painted white on the outside but was bare wood on the inside. There was barely enough room on the boat for ten men yet at least fifteen were onboard crammed into every spare crevasse. The boat shook and we slowly descended down to the awaiting water below. The boat wobbled as it hit the freezing water and two men began to row us away from the more quickly now descending Titanic. The air was freezing and whipped around me slapping me in the face leaving a horrible stinging sensation on my face. Everyone around me was huddled in his or her coats including me. I felt sick knowing that because of me people were going to die on the Titanic, going down with the soon to be wrecked marvel of engineering. Some of those people were my friends my colleagues. The Titanic faded into the distance its lights still on but just flickering with a lack of power then disappearing as the ship itself would soon. Then a huge rippled wave hit the boat and I knew that it had finally gone under vanishing forever and becoming a simple memory. ?? ?? ?? ?? Josh Searle 10LY ...read more.

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