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Youth and age are in conflict in Romeo and Juliet. This conflict affects all of the characters in some way:

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Romeo and Juliet Thesis Youth and age are in conflict in Romeo and Juliet. This conflict affects all of the characters in some way: The most deeply affected characters are Romeo and Juliet, who both commit a double suicide because of the failure of their families to accept their love for each other. The families are consumed with a single-minded hatred of each other that surpasses all reason. There is a lot of conflict in Romeo and Juliet including physical conflict Mercutio Vs Tybalt Mental conflict Juliet Vs the Nurse Psychological conflict Samson and Gregory Vs the Montague's Emotional conflict Juliet Vs Lord Capulet Hatred conflict Capulet's Vs Montague's Anger conflict all fights in the play Frustration conflict Romeo Vs Tybalt Power struggle conflict Romeo Vs Prince Escales Act three scene five Mercutio and Benvolio are out in the streets of Verona. Tybalt appears looking for Romeo to accept his challenge to duel, in response to Romeo gate-chrashing the Capulet's party. When he finally encounters his chosen target Romeo he challenges him to a fight, but unfortunately Romeo is married to Juliet now making Tybalt his cousin so he refuses his challenge. ...read more.


The Nurse The nurse's only job in life is to care for and to nurture young Juliet, through the troubled years of her life, as she had done since Juliet was born. She serves as a go-between for the lovers and only gets involved in a conflict when she clashes with Juliet over the proposed marriage to Paris. Prince Escales The noble Prince's job is to keep the peace and enforce law and order in Verona, so naturally he encounters the feud in his daily work. He is as puzzled as everyone else as to the origins of the conflict but he considers this irrelevant. His only concern is to stop any further conflict before people are killed so he enforces a law which states if any Montague and Capulet brawl in the streets they will be executed. This law affects Romeo when he kills Tybalt but since Tybalt killed Mercutio under law he would have been executed anyway. However since enough people have died the Prince lightens Romeo's sentence to exile under pain of death if he returns; but in those times being exiled was like death anyway. ...read more.


That afternoon they promise to meet later that night for the honeymoon. During the day before that however Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, murders Mercutio Romeo's friend so Romeo slaughters him. This angers the Prince who exiles Romeo from Verona forever. This devastates Juliet that her new, husband, and her cousin are both out of her life so quickly. After battling her Father and squabbling with her Nurse, she goes to the Friar for her salvation . Using his divine wisdom he concocts an ingenious but devious plan: a serum to make Juliet appear dead, so her family buries her. The serum will wear off, then with Romeo at the tomb, she will wake up and they will survive, run away together and live happily. Romeo, unaware, of the scheme goes to Juliet's grave. He kills Paris who is guarding the tomb; sees the corpse of Juliet, his one, his love, his soulmate, and drinks the poison and dies. Then Juliet wakes up sees his corpse and stabs herself. Then the families end the quarrelled history and bury Romeo and Juliet together. Conclusion This essay proves conclusively that all of the points in the thesis statement are true. The two most affected characters are Romeo and Juliet as they both die and end the war - 1 - ...read more.

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