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Youth Crime Essay

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Youth Crime Essay After reviewing the two essays on youth crime "Children as the Enemy" by Peter Elikann and "The Crackdown on kids by Annette Fuentes, the latter, which is based on the ideal that these days 'to be young is to be suspect', would be the more appropriate and effective essay to be published in the magazine Criminal Justice Monthly. The way in which Fuentes' attempts to prove that what is needed to solve the problem of youth crime is not locking up more kids, but a shift in society's perception of young people is more likely to reach out to the typical reader of 'Criminal Justice Monthly' as the evidence she uses is more substantial and to a certain extent more convincing due to techniques she uses to back up her points. The magazine is typically intended for a national audience of defense lawyers, prosecutors, judges, academics, and other criminal justice professionals with a focus on the practice and policy issues of the criminal justice system. sentences is done more effectively than in the other essay. Concerning the relevance to the current state of 'youth problems' in the UK, stats show that the situation is getting worse and worse, in April 2002 gun crimes soared by 35 percent over a 12 month period and due to an increasing fear of youth crimes by local communities the home secretary were willing to grant powers to lock up persistent offenders as young as 12 . ...read more.


An example of the different techniques used by both authors is when Elikann talks about the problem with youth gun crime he simply states vaguely that 'juvenile murders by all other weapons did not increase one iota. If America's youth were more predisposed to kill than ever before during that period, we would have seen a rise in every kind of murder, not just gun murders'. There is a quote in Fuentes' essay which establishes the prominence of guns in youth cultures at the moment - 'A 1997 Justice Department report looks at homicides by youths aged 13 and 14 with and without guns. In 1980 there were 74 murders committed with guns and 68 without by that age group. In 1995 gun-related murders totaled 178; there were 67 nongun murders.' These statistics speak for themselves. They show that an increase in youth crime clearly occurred due to the use of firearms and no other reason, and are arguably more convincing than Elikann's remarks of the same topic and more importantly will be more convincing to the judges, lawyers e.t.c who are reading the essay as they're jobs revolve around hard evidence. And again when Fuentes' talks about perception of kids she seems to be somewhat more thorough in her research of the topic having more solid statistics and figures, where Elikann does inquire into the same basic principle that seems to be that these days 'Children are the scapegoats of this generation.' ...read more.


'the criminalization of young people makes no sense, of course', 'we are showing the seeds, the dragons, of our own comeuppance' also by using 'we' it is reaching out to the reader trying to make them empathetic towards the subject. In summary Fuentes' essay seems to show a stronger and clearer message than Elikann's essay and I would recommend it for publication. It is shorter and to the point, 'Children as the Enemy' is in fact well over the 1200 words required for publishment in CJM, 'Crackdown on Kids' also uses more hard evidence in the form of thoroughly researched facts and figures, which as explained would be more useful for the general target audience of 'Criminal Justice Monthly'. Outline Thesis: Annette Fuentes' essay 'The Crackdown on Kids' would be better to publish in a criminal justice magazine than Peter Elikann's essay 'Children as the Enemy' I. Both Essays Imply that there is a problem with youth crime in the US. A. The perception of young people by adults in the modern day. B. Adult sentences to teenagers as appose to being sent to juvenile correction centers. C. C.Firearms which are currently far too easily available for teenagers. II. Fuentes uses different techniques to Elikann to back up his views and convince the audience. A. Elikann's use of anecdotes B. Fuentes's use of facts and figures C. ...read more.

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