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Z for Zachariah

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'Z for Zachariah' draft copy Z for Zachariah is about a nuclear disaster that has destroyed the world. One girl and one man survive the attack. They are left to survive with the food and shelter that has been left by the attack, Mr. Loomis who is the older man starts to act strangely and Anne, the girl, is forced to leave otherwise she doesn't know what would happen. This book was written around the time of the cold war between Russia and America. They were the two "superpowers" in the world at the time; Khrushchev the Russian leader aimed nuclear missiles on Cuba and threatened to fire. That is where the book could have become a reality but luckily they didn't fire them. Nuclear missiles were discovered accidently, so if the people that created them never existed I think that nuclear missiles would have been discovered long after the cold war. I think that Robert O'Brien wanted to give the world the feeling and experience of a nuclear attack without it actually happening. ...read more.


During this book Anne has become more aware of what she has to do to survive so she has developed a maturity over things; she has really become a grown woman and has skipped her whole childhood in order to survive. Mr. Loomis is a violent character but only is violent at different times, such as when Anne was curious about his life and wondered if he was married, he reacted in a weird way grabbing her and pulling her close to him, not letting go when she said he was hurting her. Another example of violence is in chapter 18 where Anne is quite worried, she falls asleep in her room and in the middle of the night Mr. Loomis sneaks in the room and tries to hold her down but she escapes. Anne is violent but it is not intentional and if it is it is because of self defense, when Anne is escaping from the room she hit Mr. Loomis in the throat badly winding him. Anne seems to have been living in the valley a lot due to Mr. ...read more.


In the middle of the night Faro, the dog starts growling and runs out the room, Anne is aware that Mr. Loomis is in the room. He touches her and strokes her and finally holds her down with a tight grip, Anne struggles to get out of the room and in the process of trying her shirt rips. She makes for the door and hits Mr. Loomis in the throat and he lets go of her so she can escape. In that Mr. Loomis's violence is really shown and it, from then on, tells her to stay clear of Mr. Loomis. In my conclusion I believe that a post apocalyptic world is not a good world and should never be burdened upon anyone to live in. Surviving can bring out the violence, hate and worse in even the nicest of people. It is amazing to believe that we as humans have created this world with the weapons of mass destruction and that the end of the world could come at any time, it gives us a sense of a false reality and of a world that we must live in, all we can do is hope that "Z for Zachariah" does not become a true story. ...read more.

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