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Zombieland the Review

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Zombieland the Review Ever known a person you can't stand? Well you're in luck, in Zombieland chances are they are a mindless zombie, and now you have an excuse to blow their brains out, "sorry, it's for the best," BANG! Now that was fun. The rest of the film continues in a similar fashion with Columbus who is a young geek who has a lot of phobias about almost everything from clowns, to bathrooms, to checking the back seat of cars but is a surprising survivor of the apocalypse who is driven by fear must return home to salvage whats left of his family. You'd think this film is just another rendition of "Dawn of the Dead" but the writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wanted to edge away from that stereotypical view that all zombie films are serious horrors made to scare the living daylights out of you. ...read more.


and they soon become friends. Eventually the dynamic duo come across Wichita and her little sister who soon scam the boys out of their car and their guns, so the boys then have to hike it afterwards. Afterwards almost miraculously the boys come across a Hummer loaded with guns (thank god for rednecks) and so they soon make their way on their road, but surprise surprise they bump into the girls again and are yet again scammed out of their car and guns but the girls pity them and allow them to ride with them. Hey this just goes to show who's really at the top of the food chain (I didn't say anything) the girls then drive the boys to Hollywood where they dodge zombies (how brave!) ...read more.


and Columbus decides to follow because he loves her (thats a surprise) and of course Tallahassee decides to help, the boys save the day by rescuing the girls. Columbus gets his first kiss with Wichita and Tallahassee gets his twinkie. I don't know about you, but I didn't really care about Columbus bagging the girl, no it was all about Tallahassee and his twinkie which was just a piece of comedy genius. The film concludes on a happy note, but its well worth watching. I mean come on, hot girl in leather pants? Do I need to say anymore? Sorry ladies, this film is more for the types who rather stay at home on a Friday night playing World of Warcraft rather than actual doing something meanwhile like saving the world for mindless zombies. But it truly is a masterpiece of cinema in my eyes. ...read more.

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