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‘A place that impressed me’

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'A place that impressed me' Ed Prince There is only one place I can say that has truly impressed me. And this place now doesn't exist. From a very young age, I lived in a small and beautiful cottage in a village in the heart of Hampshire. I make no exaggeration when I say that this was the perfect place to grow up. Just a short stone's throw from my front door stood the banks of the beautiful River Itchen; and when I say beautiful, I really mean it. This small section of a relatively large river was like anything out of the classic children's novel, "The Wind in the Willows". Weeping willow trees gently caressed the water like a child experimenting with water, for the very first time. ...read more.


A merry band of fishermen, who obviously loved the river as much as I did, waddled past my house almost everyday to try and outwit the trout. Very rarely were they successful, due to the fact that the fish darted so fast and that they were regularly pestered by a small boy wielding a jam-jar attached to a piece of string. Undeterred however, those fishermen used to brave the coldest of winter days, so keen they were to bring home a prize catch. I used to have competitions with them, I never won of course, but to spend a day by the side of this river trying to catch fish is the most perfect way of spending a day I can think of. It really was paradise. ...read more.


There were times when I used to just sit and think of all the happy times I had had by the banks of this river. I suppose the fishermen were thankful of the opportunity to fish undisturbed! I was passing that very same village about a year ago and decided I would go and see the beauty all over again, as I hadn't been back since I moved house all those years ago. As I walked down the bumpy, stony road, an unfamiliar sound met my ears; it was the sound of cars... A rather large bypass had been built just 200 yards the other side of the river. The atmosphere had been completely destroyed as the only thing you are likely to find in the river now is an exhaust pipe or similar. No fishermen sat there now, there was no peace and there was certainly no magic. The only place I ever really loved, had been destroyed. What a shame... ...read more.

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