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1989 San Fransicso Earthquake - Case Study

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1989 San Francisco Earthquake The Loma Prieta Earthquake which took place on October 17th, 1989 in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, California, caused fifty seven deaths directly and another six more were caused indirectly by the temblor, excluding the fact that there were another 3,757 injuries. The earthquake occurred at 5:04 PM local time and was recorded at a scale of 6.9 on the Moment magnitude scale. The earthquake lasted for a total time of fifteen seconds. It came during the 1989 World Series, when Bay Area's two Major League Baseball teams, the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants were competing against each other. ...read more.


The underlying geology of California causes most of its earthquakes. Much of San Francisco is based on clay, some areas are built on reclaimed soft soil, e.g. the Marina district was built on reclaimed marshland in 1915. During the past years, the Santa Cruz Mountains have moved 6 ft northwards along a 25 mile section of the San Andres fault. The problem comes when the quake occurs. The hard rock of the area provides resistance to the shock waves, and they are reduced in intensity. The clays and soft soils magnify the wave's power, and can cause them to behave lick quicksand, an effect known as liquefaction. ...read more.


* People stayed at home, and isolated themselves. * Relief efforts for the "Bay Area" were a national response. * Media takes some responsibility for public education. * The government were slow to respond. The media respond much faster. * Total economic damage of around $10 billion. * 42 died in Oakland, 60 miles from the epicentre. Are there were 400 injuries from the Cypress structure alone. * 59 water mains burst, and over 100 gas mains were ruptured. * 10,000 were left homeless, 63 died. * The Nimitz highway, and Cypress structure, and sections of the Bay Bridge collapsed, due to structural failure. They were subject to ten times the amount of force for which they were designed ?? ?? ?? ?? Niall Watts 10B ...read more.

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