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A Comparison of the Impact & Management of Tourism in the Lulworth Cove & Swanage Areas of Dorset.

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GEOGRAPHY (SYLLABUS A): GCSE COURSEWORK A Comparison of the Impact & Management of Tourism in the Lulworth Cove & Swanage Areas of Dorset. Section One Introduction A) Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing industries in Britain. Identify current trends and account for these patterns. Describe the characteristics of Lulworth cove and Swanage that makes the "Tourist Honey pot" Sites. Tourism has been growing enormously over the last few years and is now one of the most rapidly growing industries in Britain. It has grown in a variety of ways the most important to consider are: * Most people's standard of living has increased considerably in recent years. This means they have more wealth from their better jobs, so people these days may be having two family holidays per year, because of this extra wealth. * The amount of attractions that all the countries are offering, there are such wide ranges of holidays you can go on thanks to the "package holiday", from coach excursions to Blackpool, to a safari in Zambia. * The increased standard of living enables a higher rate of car ownership which is good for places like Lulworth where there is no public transport, this higher car ownership will mean more tourists will come in to the community. * With the transport communications being improved by new technology and the wider range of transport e.g. new airports, the channel tunnel and new motorway systems the chance of getting away is easier and less expensive (in real terms) to go away on holiday is now better than ever before. ...read more.


Flooding and Water pollution With many boats making their way to Swanage and Lulworth for holidays and day trips they are producing more hydrocarbons and causing some parts of the waters to look like they are not swimable. With Lulworths small sewage facilities, when the place is overcrowded the sewage system reaches its full capacity and causes human waste to spill into the sea. Around the village and town of these two places they are laid with an impermeable rock (tarmac and concrete) which increases the risk of flooding. This risk is increased because after heavy rain, the water will sit on the surface instead of soaking through back into the water board. Waste and waste management Waste is a big issue in the tourist destinations around this and many other countries. With some people not bothering to put their litter into a bin instead they just leave it on the floor, which automatically gives newcomers a negative view to these sensitive tourist areas. This litter also gets blown into the sea or river making people see one of Swanage or Lulworths number 1 tourist attractions as not living up to their expectations for them or their children. With so many people coming to these tourist destinations, the council has to take the extra rubbish generated to landfill sites around the country. Soon these sites will be full and there will be a shortage of land to bury their waste, leaving rubbish all around and so destroying their claims to be A.O.N.B! Erosion Lulworth cove has a main coastal footpath which rambles on for many miles where tourists love to come and enjoy the lush scenery whilst walking. ...read more.


* 4th metre there was grass and a few insects. From this drawing of how which shows one way we can measure erosion by using the area of the path and by measuring the drawback to see whether tourists walk on the path or to the side on the grass ruining the vegetation and maybe some small habitats. When we do these experiments I feel we should investigate the problem of erosion around the main problem areas, which are: Stair hole, the main coastal footpath (especially on the steep gradients) and the main car park where the flow of tourists reach it's highest. This could be done by seeing how much the paths have been eroded and using points mark each of the footpaths on how badly they have been eroded using a subjective scale. At Swanage no erosion investigation will take place as they use concrete pavements. Noise Pollution For this we could use a noise meter in Lulworths village and around the town in Swanage to see if tourists are ruining the perfect holiday atmospheres in these two beautiful places. Visual Impact We can look at the quality of the buildings and the range of EQ (environmental quality) e.g. use of local stone in the village buildings. We will be looking at buildings in Lulworths village and around the town of Swanage to see whether the council are modernising the villages or keeping them beautiful tourist sites. From doing this fieldwork it will help us discover whether the related environmental problems that Lulworth and Swanage may be suffering from, are caused by the miss use from incoming tourists. Our conclusions and findings may help to solve some of the problems that occur in these tourist honey pot sites. ?? ?? ?? ?? DANIEL WILLIAMS C:\Documents and Settings\ckd\My Documents\essays\doc\after\2665.doc ...read more.

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