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A Day In My Life As an Ancient Egyptian

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A DAY IN MY LIFE AS AN ANCIENT EGYPTIAN Hi! My name is Shinobu. I am an eleven year old Egyptian girl. I live in the city of Giza. Here is a detailed description of what my life is like. Read on, and you will be amazed ! When the sun came up I got out of my bed...well, you can't really call it a bed, when it's just a blanket on the floor! I sleep on the fllor together with my six brothers and sisters. I have two sisters and four bratty brothers. I was up at the crack of dawn to help my Mom with the baking of the bread that we would be eating for breakfast. I ground the wheat and mixed it with water, added the yeast, and proceeded to kneed the dough for about two minutes. ...read more.


Our team was losing, but then we pulled extra, extra hard and won! After that we were a little tired, so Nephrotitia and I sat down to play a nice game of senet together. It is a brand new game that she got for her birthday. I tried hard, but lost twice. She is a skillful player! Later we decided to take a nice long stroll around a pyramid and saw some workers loading some treasure into a tomb. One of the objects they were loading in really caught my eye! It was golden and very shiny! I took a closer look and recognized it as a statue of our God of Embalming, Anubis, on top of the golden box. It was really cool! Then it was time for me to get on home to have some fruit and get on with my chores. ...read more.


After finishing my work with the crops, I went to out Temple to pray to all our Gods for a successful and plentiful harvest of wheat. Then I went into town to do a trade deal. My brother is training to be a scribe and he is really tired of having to use heavy clay tablets to practice his writing on. I wound up trading a floral clay pot for five rolls of papyrus. I sure wish I could go to school! I'll never know what all those funny pictures and signs my brother writes actually mean. Girls aren't allowed to attend school. I don't think this is fair. In fact, my other brother Iman helped me to put this essay together. Finally I returned home and was famished! We sat down to a delicious fish meal that my brothers caught earlier in the day. After eating I layed down for a well deserved nice long sleep. Zzzzzzzzzz ...read more.

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