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A new stadium for Portsmouth FC

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Geography Assessment - A new stadium for Portsmouth FC Portsmouth FC is planning to move its grounds from the current location at Fratton Park to a new sit on Horsea Island. The advantages of the old site are that there is a nearby train station, so people need not come by car, there are support facilities close by - shops, hotels, restaurants etc, it is situated in a residential area, so local fans can even walk to it, and also, the stadium is old, having been built in 1898, and may have historical and sentimental value for people. ...read more.


Despite the nearby train stations, 60% of people travelling to the stadium still come by car, and as there is no parking at the stadium, they all park on the residential roads. The new site on Horsea Island has the advantages that, on a 30 acre plot of land, there will be a lot of room for car parking and extra facilities that will be built with the stadium. It will have a capacity of 36000 and at a cost of �600 million, will include hotels and cafes being built with it. If the new stadium is built, the old one will be demolished and replaced by housing. ...read more.


Horsea Island is currently a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and is home to several rare and protected species, whose populations would be seriously harmed by the building of the stadium. Also, Horsea Island is extremely vulnerable to flooding at only 1m above sea level. It is predicted to be completely submerged by 2040. Personally I am against the move because I think that there is no need as Portsmouth FC could spend the money extending and improving the stadium which they have. Because Horsea Island is currently an undeveloped area and home to protected species of animals, and moving the stadium there would mean an increase in pollution, I think that the environmental costs outweigh the profit that Portsmouth FC would make from building the stadium. ...read more.

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