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A Study of the CBD & difference in shops in Chamonix

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A Study of the CBD & difference in shops in Chamonix Background: In end of the summer holidays I went to the town of Chamonix in the French Alps. I went there in order to conduct a settlement study on the town. Chamonix is situated in the south east of France in the Alpine region near the Swiss border. Chamonix was chosen for a number of reasons, first of all there where other investigations going on in the surrounding area, secondly Chamonix is a good town to study because it has a good pedestrian system and the town centre is compact and accessible. Chamonix is a town geared towards tourism and more importantly skiing. The surrounding landscape is mountainous and the terrain is perfect throughout the Ski season but is also has plenty to offer when the snowmelts. There is the glacier (Glace de Mer) that is exposed in the summer months which draws many tourists. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful which attracts people. The town itself is picturesque with many caf�s and restaurants. The shops in the town are geared towards tourists with many souvenirs for sale. Many people come to the surrounding area because it is good for mountain biking. Traditionally the upper grass land and pasture around Chamonix was used for Cow farming. The cows would be brought up in the summer months to graze on the lush us grass and in the winter taken down were it was warmer. ...read more.


As you can see from the photos these could be holiday homes. One thing that my map highlighted, which surprised me, was that there were no chalets, this may be down to the fact that they were on the outer limits of the town, outside my study area. This was one of the drawbacks to my study, as it only covered the main central parts of the town, there were a number of places that lay outside the area of my study which obviously played an important part of the life of the town. Another thing that my map high light very clearly is that Chamonix is definitely a tourist town. This is evident in the number of bars, cafes and restaurants, and the fact that there are also five hotels in the centre. My pie chart indicates that apartments over shops and apartments over bars make up the biggest percentage of buildings in the centre, in fact most of the buildings have apartments above them. This came be seen in the photos that I took on my trip. This is because traditionally shop keepers would have lived above their shops, this may still be the case today but looking closely at the building separate access is available. This means that they are probably been converted for independent use. Pedestrian Count: Prediction My prediction for my iso ped is based on the theory of Concentric Land Use but taken in idea pedestrian form. ...read more.


I would anticipate that people would come from far to visit the area. In general I think that this will be first holiday/encounter with Chamonix for the vast majority of people. Only a small proportion of people will live in or work in Chamonix. I would have thought that the number people living some were else and coming to the town to work will be small (the sleeping population will be low) is because there do not seem to have any industrial or manufacturing plants and the town is an isolated town far away from a large work force. If my prediction is true about the people living to Chamonix then there will be no great labour forces to work in any major industry. The landscape around Chamonix is not suited to that of a big town. Most of the goods that are in the Chamonix will not be producys or pruduce of the local area, this will be down that the fact the surrounding area is devoted to tourism. Analysis Studding the pie chart and the bar chart from above there is a significant percentage taken up bar the holiday section. This fits in with my prediction. There is also a considerable amount consumed by Hiking, Biking and day trips, I think that these could come under the heading of holidays with these things coming under holidays this strength my prediction. The number of people working or living in Chamonix was very low this is in line with my prediction. I think that Chamonix is a classic example of a tourist based town this is displayed very well by the results. Mark Drummond ...read more.

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