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Access Audit: the access for disabled people to Wolverhampton city centre is inadequate and unequal when comparing it to Milton Keynes.

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Access Audit: the access for disabled people to Wolverhampton city centre is inadequate and unequal when comparing it to Milton Keynes. Introduction: When compared to Wolverhampton, Milton Keynes is just a baby. Built a little over 30 years ago, you'd expect that many issues and aspects of general life would be taken into consideration to build a town that custom fitted our personal needs. One of the biggest issues affecting a number of people is Disability. This project looks at just that and how each shopping centre has dealt with providing a warm, welcoming and enjoyable visit for the disabled members of our community. Hypothesis: Milton Keynes will have many facilities and good access for disabled people in relation to Wolverhampton. This is because Wolverhampton is a much older town and built in the era when disability wasn't widely accepted. However, outlook on disability has changed since then, therefore, Milton Keynes will be more suited for disabled people as the newest centre is more likely to have taken disabled members into account. This will also reflect on the towns attitude towards disability which are divided into two main groups; medical and social model. ...read more.


Yes No 9 5 Evaluation: In my visit to Wolverhampton, I noticed that the town was not designed with disabled people in mind. I personally, was most shocked by the lack of disabled toilets in the centre and limited access to nearly every single shop. Most shops were small and there was no possible way in which someone in a wheelchair could come and shop without knocking something over. A lot of the counters/tills were at heights that people in wheelchairs cannot reach. Ironically, many of Wolverhampton's inhabitants are those who are in their later years of life and would benefit from lifts instead of stairs and wider aisles for their wheelchair to get through. From my interviews, I found out that 100% of the people questioned were not happy with the accessibility to shops. My findings also show that 13 out of the 15 people would like to see improvements in the toilets and access to them. One person even quoted "I dislike the way there are no toilets for the disabled and what makes it worse is that to access any toilets you have to travel down a very steep set of stairs. ...read more.


I feel that visiting each town and interviewing people was a reliable method as it was a Primary source of information and not something that was passed down to me. This meant that I could rely on what was told to me and I could reach my own conclusion as well as hearing others views. I think my investigation could have been improved if I had interviewed someone that was disabled. This was my original plan but I felt uneasy stopping disabled people as I didn't want to create an awkward atmosphere. Another way to further my investigation would be to question a larger number of people to get a fuller picture and to ask open questions where people could express their opinions. Also, I feel that my investigation may have been a little broad and spread out as there were a lot of shops to cover and I was looking at the whole centre. Next time, I could look at certain shops so that my findings would be in more detail. All in all, I can say that my hypothesis was correct and that older towns do not have many amenities for disabled people as the disabled were overlooked in the past. Our society has become a lot more accepting and understanding and thus, bears the disabled in mind, giving newer towns a more disabled-friendly environment. ...read more.

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