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Amazon's Present Situation

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Amazon's Present Situation The Amazon rainforest in Brazil has about 40% of the world's rainforest and is the world's largest. Its rainforest stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the tree line of the Andes in the west. The Amazon often is referred to as the "Earth's lungs" because of the massive quantities of carbon dioxide the rainforests absorb from the atmosphere. Unfortunately, studies show that the Amazon could disappear by the year 2020 with more than two million hectares of Amazon rainforest being cleared every year for timber and farming land, as well as accidental fire damages. ...read more.


Moreover, twenty million people, including countless indigenous nations, call the Amazon their home. The lives of these human beings and the plant and animal species are at risk. Researchers are concerned about the impacts that an increased destruction of the rainforest would create * Global warming, and the effects of increasing temperatures * The world's production of oxygen-the Amazon rainforests are often called the lungs of the earth * The biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest * The biodiversity of environments worldwide. ...read more.


However, this means land is needed and this demanded land would have to be obtained from the Amazon. The deforestation of the Amazon for the new land would lead to numerous environmental effects that, in the long term, would be harmful for the people living in Brazil. This is why the Government needs to balance development and destruction in order to maximize the benefits the Brazilian people would gain. Unfortunately, the Government's interests seem to be aiming for a more prosperous country with the new plan called Advance Brazil. This plan is basically to adapt the forest into highways, logging concessions and a collection of other industrial developments. ...read more.

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