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An Environmental Quality Survey Of Different Residential Areas

Extracts from this document...


G.C.S.E Geography Name: Mayooran Sathiyanathan Candidate Number: 1790 Edexcel. Syllabus B. No. 1313. Centre Number: 13216 Title: An Environmental Quality Survey Of Different Residential Areas Teacher: Ms Padayachee Mark: Contents Introduction Pg 3 Aim Of Study Pg 4 Hypothesis Pg 4 Location Of The Study Pg 4 Map of Newham with my roads highlighted Pg 5 Planning The Study Pg 6,7 Flow Diagram Pg 7,8 Method Of Study Pg 8,9 Overall Results Pg 10 My Photos & My Graph & My Survey Pg 11-40 My graphs for all the ten factors Pg 40-50 Justification of Graphs Pg 51 Analysis Pg 51-54 Conclusions Pg 54,55 Improvements Pg 55 Introduction The environment is the physical or natural and human surroundings where people, plants and animals live. The environment is very important to everything and everyone as we need it to live. Animals and humans rely on the various parts of the environment to survive. Over recent years there has been problems to do with the ozone layer which protects the earth from the harmful rays of the sun. Unfortunately there has been a hole spotted in it causing worry that the earth will gradually become a giant 'greenhouse', hence the Greenhouse Effect. In years to come this could cause even greater problems than it is now, causing the polar icecaps to melt and the earth to be flooded. It is said that certain gases found in sprays e.g. CFC's are to blame for the depletion of the ozone layer along with various other forms of pollution. There are ways in which all of the people can make the earth a better place creating more open space, planting more trees, flower beds, cleaning up rubbish and placing litter bins around everywhere. The environment is made worse by smoke, pollution from factories, litter, graffiti and smog from cars. All of these things make it a little worse each time. ...read more.


Courtland Road As you can see from my graph, Courtland Road's highest points were: > Traffic Moving > Noise > Graffiti You can also see on my picture that I took that there is not a lot of traffic moving on the road, this may be due to the fact that I went on my survey on a day when there was no school or work, therefore people were at home. Noise level was very low but like I have already said, this may be due to the fact that I went to do my survey on a quiet day when no one was out and about. There was no graffiti on Courtland Road this gives us the idea that this road is safe because most of the time it is troublemakers that do graffiti. You can also see in my image profile that Courtland Road is very positive. Vandalism is however the negative point of that road. However most of the vandalism was on the other road but it sort of carried on because all the vandalism was towards the flats that are on Courtland Road and Malvern Road (the road adjoining to Courtland Rd). Litter was a problem because when I asked one of the residents why the road was messy and untidy they replied that people hardly ever came to clean the road. They would come once every two weeks and even when they do come they only do one end of the road and leave the other end. Katherine Road As you can see there were no high points for Katherine Road. This shows us that Katherine Road is really not up to standard. The Pavement Quality was all right but there were still some cracks in the pavement. However Building Condition, Traffic Moving and Noise was a real big problem on Katherine Road. The amount of noise was unbearable, there were so many cars driving past, and there was noise caused by the pedestrians. ...read more.


The environmental quality of different residential areas will firstly depend on location. This is because if the location were a poor location then people would not like to live because they know there will be no good facilities for them. Whereas if the location were a rich location, then people would want to live there as they know it would have good facilities. The other environmental factors are: * Pavement Quality * Litter * Building Condition * Street Furniture * Traffic Moving * Traffic Parked * Noise * Graffiti * Vandalism * Greenery As you can see from my analysis, these factors did affect each road drastically. If we take Burges Road as an example, if some of the factors had improved such as, traffic moving, traffic parked, noise and greenery, then it would not be so appalling. Courtland Road is friendly and quiet; people will obviously want to live in this kind of environment. An example of a bad location is Katherine Road due to the fact that it had the worst score out of sixty. This is because it is a busy road with people trying to get from Barking Road to Romford Road or vice versa. Therefore from the amount of cars we can tell there will be a lot of congestion and also it will be highly populated. To add to this problem there are many shops on the sides which also contribute to the noise and litter. In all the roads the environmental quality was judged mainly on the ten factors and location. * Pavement Quality * Litter * Building Condition * Street Furniture * Traffic Moving * Traffic Parked * Noise * Graffiti * Vandalism * Greenery Improvements Next time if I was to do this survey I will choose roads that are quite far away from each other. I will choose one from the CBD (central business district) aswell. ?? ?? ?? ?? Geography Coursework Mayooran Sathiyanathan Candidate No: 1790 - 1 - Centre No: 13216 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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