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An Investigation Into Kingston Area Shopping Centres and Their Patterns of Use

Extracts from this document...


An Investigation Into Kingston Area Shopping Centres and Their Patterns of Use Name: Simran Singh Kooner Examination Candidate Number: 3572 School's Name: Tiffin School Centre Number: 14429 CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTION AND AIM- SECTION 1.....................................................................3-11 DATA COLLECTION AND RECORDING- SECTION 2.................................................12-16 DATA PRESENATION- SECTION 3........................................................................17-38 ANALYSIS - SECTION 4........................................................................................39-55 CONCLUSION - SECTION 5...................................................................................55-58 INTRODUCTION AND AIM- SECTION 1 Background Knowledge on Kingston upon Thames The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is a suburban town, situated within Greater London to the southwest of the capital. Kingston is located in the southwest of London, in the county of Surrey. Located on the bank of the River Thames providing bridging and nodal points, the town extends some way along the side of the river, although it does not extend over to the area on the other side of it. Some of the surrounding boroughs include: Richmond upon Thames, Sutton, Esher and Croydon. Kingston is superb example of a town with strong historical links blending successfully with a thriving, long term market town renowned for its excellence as the biggest shopping centre, Bentalls, in South West London. Kingston is also home to the Guildhall for Kingston and the County hall for Surrey. Aim: The reasons for carrying out this investigation are to examine shopping patterns, both of people and infrastructure, within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and also to create a hierarchical shopping system, an important geographical principle in settlement, of areas in Kingston upon Thames. I will be using selected different shopping centres, such as a large shopping centre like Bentalls to very small convenience stores, to compare these patterns. For this investigation, I will also be using concepts based upon the establishment of Christallers Central Place theory and its three main principles: range of goods or service, threshold population and the sphere of influence. Hypotheses: 1A shopping centre which contains the greatest number of shops will have a large sphere of influence This is for the reason that larger shopping centres usually tend to provide a variety of goods or services for customers. ...read more.


KINGSTON TOWN CENTRE 205 SURBITON 43 NEW MALDEN 117 KINGSTON ROAD 1 N/A BURLINGTON ROAD 28 SURBITON PARK PARADE 1 KINGSTON ROAD 2 N/A ALEXANDRA DRIVE 3 THE TRIANGLE 10 Hypothesis 2 The amount of time it takes to travel to a shopping centre with many shops will be greater than travelling to one with not so many shops. To show how long it took shoppers to reach the shopping centres with different numbers of shops, I have used a scatter graph below which has time measured in seconds. Hypothesis 3 More shoppers will use public transport methods if travelling to a shopping centre with many shops. To present the data for this hypothesis, firstly a simple line graph below can be seen which shows the highest number of bus routes first and then it slowly descends to the lowest number of bus routes in the shopping centres. However on the following page, is a scatter graph (see graph 7) showing the number of shops against the number of bus routes in a shopping centre. There is also a column graph (see graph 8) to show the number of train stations in some of the shopping centres. BUS MAP FOR KINGSTON BUS MAP FOR SURBITON BUS MAP FOR NEW MALDEN Below is a stacked column graph and from it, you can see the number of shoppers whom either came by bus, rail, or none of these public transport methods were used. Graph 10 is simply a scatter graph to show the number of people who used public transport to get to shopping centres with various numbers of shops in them. For the data collection section, me and my partner managed to take digital pictures of the different shops in the shopping centre. GRAPHICAL PRESENTATION TECHNIQUE BENEFITS OF METHOD DISADVANTAGES OF METHOD PITFALLS Things to avoid Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient Provides a numerical value which summarises the degree of correlation, which makes it an objective indicator. ...read more.


The Spearman's rank coefficient achieved the 5% significance level, providing sufficient confidence to reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative. 3More shoppers will use public transport methods if travelling to a shopping centre with many shops. This hypothesis was also very successful in proving a hierarchy amongst shopping centres in the Kingston borough. It is clear from the data that more people take the bus or rail to get to the larger shopping centres such as Kingston as there are more routes available to shoppers and the larger shopping centres are easily accessible so people travel from further distances. From the data I have collected and interpreted though the usage of graphs and statistical tests that I have carried out, I can now make a hierarchy of shopping centres in the Kingston borough which will conclude my study. I am able to create a hierarchical shopping system (figure 6) because the hypotheses I have investigated and tested shown through the presentation of the data, show that Kingston is the highest ranked shopping centre offering higher order goods in comparison to the centres that I have also investigated. Then also with this information, I am able to class the other centres in the two other tiers and a general hierarchy pattern emerges. On the whole the investigation was conducted rather well and produced good credible results that were useful in proving the hypotheses. However improvements could have been made in this investigation if it were to be carried out again. These improvements could be: > Making the investigation fairer by conducting the questionnaires on the same day and time. In doing this would provide representative results of the shopping. > Carrying out the investigation on a weekend so that a better desire line map and spheres of influences could be produced as more people might tend to shop then. > If there was not any operator variants, as it affected the investigation and resulted in some areas being anomalous and not used in the investigation. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Physical Geography section.

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