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Analysis of results-field trip Llandudno

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Llandudno Geography Enquiry A study of the Welsh Tourist Resort Analysis After collecting and swapping results with my class mates I had discovered that 16.6% of buildings in Llandudno were high order. This is both unexpected and quite predictable on the other side. Expected because it is a tourist resort so there might be some very expensive shops as there is more people visiting this tourist resort so there is more chance of somebody buying something, however unexpected as in a tourist resorts people would expect some cheap shops with gifts and postcards nothing really expensive and sophisticated shops. However I had also found many gift and clothes shops in Llandudno which were typical for a tourist resort. For my Quality of shopping survey the overall score was as follows 36 out of 50.Llandudno had scored it's highest mark(5) for the easiness of parking,because our coach had zero troubles with parking.The average score of 3 I had awarded for small amount of cars on the roads ("no cars"), for the safety of the town ("safe") ...read more.


I had also asked questionaire.The results for my first question came as follows ; 30% of surveyd people visited Llandudno for shopping,much grater percentage reaching 45% came to town as toursits, while only 15% for work or buisness related activities while really low 10% for other puprose.Llandudno seems to be really more a tourist resort than anything else,but it also has a lot of good shops since 30% of questioned people had visited Llandudno for shopping purposes. Next question had showed my that 10% of people were shopping for groceries while a grate 60% were looking for clothes,another 10for souvenirs and 20% for other products/things.This results had implied that Llandudno has to have a large variety pf goog clothes shops since 60% of questioned people were shopping for clothes.I also wanted to know what toursits attractions people visitied.20% of people visiting Llandudno liked to see te Great Orme, however Pier wasn't that attractive as only 10% of questioned tourists had visited it,also beach seemed to be left out as only another 10% of toursits visited it.The most liked answer however was "other" and 60% had ticked this box.The results had actually surprised ...read more.


These results shows me that people living in Angles are more likely to visit Llandudno than people form far far away as they would probably choose the place that is nearer to them and has the same attractions. The next question was important as I really wanted to know how popular Llandudno is.20% people had been visiting Llanudno everyday,5% once a week ,and another 20% fortnightyly.Than 15% had only been visiting monthly and Llandudno was visited yearly by 20% while less than yearly by another 20%.Probably many people at this time of year and day were local people or people living neart Llandudno/working there.This is why such a grate amount of people were visiting this tourist resort daily. I had also asked people how much money they spend in Llandudno while visiting there.30% of people were spending under 20pounds while just 10% had been spending were spending around 25 punds.Suprisingly 20% were claiming to spend more than 40pund s while 30pounds were spend by another 30%. At this time of the day many people were doing their shopping and this is why % increased when the amounts did. Work by: Anika Kloska ...read more.

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