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Analysis of tourism in Windsor

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Analysis Tourism is popular in Windsor. This is evident through the questionnaire for locals I did. I asked 10 local people on their views of tourism. 100% of people said they felt overall, tourism is good for Windsor. 30% of people felt that tourists cause no problems whilst 40% thought of traffic as a tourist problem. If there is a decline in tourism, the possible impacts caused could be positive or negative. A positive is that there will be a decrease in traffic, which will decrease pollution in the area as well as giving a smoother journey to local residents. A decrease in traffic is a positive sign for local residents and this is evident because 24% thought traffic was a problem. However not at all problems are solved because high prices may be a nuisance for local consumers but they are benefits for local shop owners. Therefore, a decline in tourism could mean the economy being destroyed. ...read more.


Socially, this would affect locals as they will have a loss in there entertainment facilities and economically the impact would be locals having to shut down as bigger companies can afford to stay and therefore Windsor many have a lower GDI(Gross Domestic Income). In addition to this, I took some images at my visit in Windsor. I analysed them to see what the socio-economic impacts would be if there was a decline in the tourism industry. One of the images demonstrated the multiplier effect and its positive & negative forms. [4] If there are more tourists, more river cruise trips will be made. This will lead to a higher profited income meaning more disposable income, which will lead to a higher GDI resulting in development. However, this could work backwards as in less tourists would mean less trips made. ...read more.


It is highly unlikely that the government would help as currently there is a substantial debt over the UK and the current government is putting restrictions on how much the local council can spend to help their local area. This would result in Windsor not getting enough economical help that would the lead to many jobs being lost consequently meaning numerous homeless people. Then there would be a low quality of life for locals and poor community spirit. In addition, a low quality of life may lead to more health problems due to depression and stress. Funding the town of Windsor would also lead to a bigger burden on the government and social security on a national level. 1. ^ Questionnaire on Locals (see figure 2 for more details) 2. ^ The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, 2008, Final Report 3. ^ Land-use map (see figure 3 & 4 for more details) 4. ^ Annotated images (see figure 5 for more details) 5. ^ Collected leaflets & brochures (see figure 6 for more details) ...read more.

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