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Antarctica, the last virgin spot of land on earth.

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INTRODUCTION Antarctica, the last virgin spot of land on earth. It takes 20 days on a ship to get to Antarctica but only half as many hours in an aeroplane. Size: It is twice the size of Australia at 14 million sq km (est.) land area, its coastline is17,968 km. Climate: severe low temperatures Change depending on your latitude, elevation, and how far away from the ocean you are; Eastern Antarctica is colder than Western Antarctica because it is higher; The Antarctic Peninsula has the most moderate climate; higher temperatures occur in January along the coastline and are normally just below freezing. Terrain: About 98% thick is continental ice sheet and 2% of it is barren rock, with average height between 2 000 and 4 000 meters. ...read more.


The Argument for Development Antarctica is very rich in minerals and has hidden in it gold, silver, nickel, tin and many other things. It has a commercial amount of coal so coal miners are attracted come and mess up Antarctica. Antarctica exists today in an ice age. Future economic development of the ice-covered land mass is not very likely. Resource exploitation on the continental shelf is possible but certainly not for many years to come, sea life in the waters surrounding Antarctica is currently being developed economically. This sea life includes whales and a tiny shrimp look-alike animal called krill. The Russian Expedition survey predicted that the scale of diamond in the huge continent was similar to the amount found in South Africa and Yakutia, in Russia's far east. ...read more.


The Development Decision Should development be allowed in the future? The Choices: - A/. No development at all. B/. Limited development. C/. Some development in specific areas where damage to the eco-structure would be minimum. D/. Development. My view is that there should be no development at all for as long as possible but I think that it is unrealistic to expect that Antarctica will be undeveloped forever. The way I would enforce this "no development" bill would be to: - 1/. Ban tourist trips to the continent. 2/. Stop all development on the existing bases on Antarctica. 3/. Set a five year deadline for completion of any research being carried out on the existing bases and camps. 4/. Insist on the dismantling of all the bases within the next seven years. ...read more.

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