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Are groups of functions of the same type located in the same area of the Town?

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Key Question One - Are groups of functions of the same type located in the same area of the Town? My initial answer to this question is simply, yes. After over viewing the map of Altrincham I have noticed that the majority of female clothing stores are situated on George Street. The upper end of George Street near Boots the Chemist. Miss.Attitude, River Island, Principle Ladies, Dolcis, Kaliko, Next and New Look are all situated together. It is indicated on the map with the first ring. These shops are all High order services. Being used infrequently as they tend to sell goods that are bought less often due to the high price. ...read more.


With the banks, this is more about competition and beating each others interest rates etc... To a further extent this can be seen in Manchester town centre with HMV and Virgin Music store close together on Market Street, with Music trade zone in the near by Arndale centre. Furthermore in the Trafford Centre's "The Orient" in which all restaurant and entertainment facilities are grouped. This is also advantageous for the shop and the consumer. People can find all these services in one place, and also the restaurants can gain trade by the larger sphere of influence. This grouping or "Clustering" together of shops of a similar type is called functional adjacency. ...read more.


The placing of Newsagents is also different and very important. Nobody would travel into Altrincham just to go to a newsagents. It is a more spur of the moment purchase, so newsagents are better situated on main roads where they are easily visible. Furthermore the hairdressers and Barbers do not function under the functional adjacency rule. Most of the customers are loyal to one hairdresser and rarely/if ever change. So we can see that the higher order shops cluster together for increased sales and competition. With higher order and higher priced shops, every sale counts. Although with the lower order services functional adjacency is not present as every sale isn't as important and competition isn't as great. Overall we can see that functional adjacency operates in Altrincham and Hale. ...read more.

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