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Are you a tourist visiting Dubai? Where do you live? (Country) Why did you come to Dubai?

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Chapter 2: Data Collection Introduction: This chapter describes what primary and secondary data collection methods I used and why I used the particular ones. It also includes a description of how I planned and collected the data along with which sampling methods were used, problems that I faced during data collection and how I over came these problems. Primary Data Collection: What methods did I use? The main primary data collection method I used was questionnaires. Questionnaires are good to use to collect data for a given sample size which provides new and relevant data. However, it can be hard to choose good questions to get relevant answers. When I was at the Oasis Beach Hotel and the Mall of Emirates, I observed the tourists on who they are, where they come from and what they do in the particular location. Also, when I was at these two places, I took a few photographs which show the Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates and the lobby in the Oasis Beach Hotel. Before I actually went out and surveyed with the questionnaires, I did ten pilot questionnaires and sampled from a few people in my school to enable me see if there were any problems with questions, whether or not the questions are relevant, or any other problems. When I did the pilot questionnaires, I faced a problem because my audience wasn't correct, but at this stage, it isn't needed to survey tourists. I told the people that I surveyed to pretend to be a tourist of your country and that you were visiting Dubai for a visit. Two of the questions were very vague and confusing because the answer didn't come to the person straight away which means that could be time consuming and irritating for the person. I noticed that many of the questions were just fill-in questions which didn't make it easy for the person to answer. ...read more.


How did I obtain the data? The main method I used when collecting primary data was the use of questionnaires which are reliable if you have a large sample size, but in my circumstances, there wasn't a large sample size. They are relatively quick to use but to get accurate results when using questionnaires, I should have sampled systematically. However, I didn't do this because I was not organised at the time of creating, issuing and arranging where to sample, so therefore I forgot to sample correctly. When I was the Oasis Beach Hotel and the Mall of the Emirates, I took a few pictures of the surroundings which are shown in the 1st chapter. Here is the letter to get permission for my survey at the hotel. Dear sir/madam: I am writing this letter to ask my permission to survey at the Oasis Beach Hotel on the Thursday 20th of April. I am conducting a survey on the tourists that visit Oasis Beach Hotel for my Geography GCSE coursework and I would be very grateful if you let me do these questionnaires at this hotel. Please reply as soon as possible on my mobile phone number, 050889440 or my house phone number, 043484106. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Matthew Eden The manager of the Oasis Beach Hotel granted me permission to survey the tourists at the hotel. I surveyed on Thursday April 20th from 12:00 to 3:00 primarily in the lobby. We surveyed at this time, day and date because the time of the day was an active time when all the tourists were eating lunch, going to there rooms, going on sight seeing buses and doing many other activities. I chose that day and date because Thursday is a day when my group member and I were able to survey and that day was one that all the tourists were out and about enjoying the weekend festivities. ...read more.


We had 6 members in the group to survey; we split the group into 2 separate groups: one that went to the mall of the emirates, oasis beach hotel and one that went to the green community. The group that surveyed at the oasis beach hotel and the mall of the emirates (including me) did successfully get enough questionnaires done but the other group didn't because they were on holiday and was a slacking group of people. I first sent the letter confirming and asking permission to survey at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel but unfortunately due to policies do to with the guests and safety we were not allowed to visit and survey the tourists. When surveying in the mall of the emirates, I couldn't possibly get a suffice amount of data from the people because they were moving in different directions in a rush. It was inconvenient for them to be questioned especially when they were walking, relaxing and browsing around the mall. This is why I didn't get a large amount of data from this survey site. Solutions to Limitations and Problems: With some knowledge of French, I spoke French to 3 or 4 French people who couldn't speak English well which did give me a few more surveys to be completed. After I was denied to survey at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, I thought of going to the Oasis Beach Hotel which is only a 4 star hotel which didn't have as harsh policies towards the guests staying there. So therefore, I sent a letter asking permission to do a survey there and I was granted the reply. Since I had slacking and absent members in my group, I had to do the work myself with one other group member. We were the ones that went to the Oasis Beach Hotel and the Mall of the Emirates but also, another person surveyed the tourists at the Marriot. ...read more.

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