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Assess the view that human activities have a greater impact on the physical environments in LEDCs than in MEDCs.

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Assess the view that human activities have a greater impact on the physical environments in LEDCs than in MEDCs A LEDC is a less economically developed country, for example, a country in the developing world and a MEDC is a more economically developed country, for example, a country in the industrialized or developed world. The human population is growing all the time and its impact on the physical environment is increasing. All our activities have an impact on; 1. Deforestation, cutting down trees in order to use the land or the wood which is a big problem in the Amazon Forest in South America, draining marshes, mining damming and redirecting rivers and flooding land cause Drastic changes to the ecosystem. 2. The growth of cities. So more land is needed for building, and generating more pollution, e.g. from congestion. 3. Industry needs more and more raw materials. Processing and transporting raw materials and finished goods generate pollution. 4. Intensive farming methods require the use of chemicals such as inorganic fertilisers and pesticides. Genetic engineering will have an impact that we do not yet understand. Deforestation in the Amazon forest leads to; 1. The loss of animals, insects, birds, etc. that live in the forests. 2. Soil erosion. The tree roots hold the soil together. ...read more.


The Korup National Park, for example, aims to protect 125,000 hectares of virgin forest. Companies such as Burger King and Habitat refusing to sell products that originate from the rainforest can also reduce deforestation. Another effect that human activities are having on countries in the Southern part of South America is the rise of shanty towns that are built by many who lived in the rural part of Brazil who move to the urban area with promises of a better life. Urbanisation in Brazil Large numbers of people (as many as 500,000 a year) are migrating to Sao Paulo, Brazil in the hope of finding employment, housing, education and prosperity. The city struggles to cope with the large number of poor inhabitants. Yet for a very small number of rich people, the quality of life is good with high quality housing, well paid jobs and the ability to pay for good education, healthcare among many things. For the vast majority the quality of life is poor. Most of the migrants, who have arrived in recent years, live in shanty town areas called "favelas" in Brazil. These slum area dwellings are built of cardboard, plastic sheets, corrugated iron and scrap wood: built illegally on land that does not belong to them. There is no running water, sewage system, gas, electricity, schools or hospitals. ...read more.


Which means scientific and professional research is not developed to see how the environment works and how hazards such as earthquakes can be foreseen. MEDCs are able to cope much better with the effects human activity can cause to the physical environment. MEDCs can afford to manage, maintain and protect physical surroundings from damage. MEDCs are also able to protect the inhabitants of the country and because they are able to afford education and research into the physical world, they in turn are able to educate others so they also know how to care for the environment. This means that they can forecast when future disasters are about to occur for such things as evacuation but they are also able but also how to prevent the Greenhouse effect and Global Warming from becoming much worse, for example, warning of the dangers of CFC sprays. LEDCs are unable to cope with physical damage to the environment due to many countries having crippling National Debts to pay to richer countries so being exploited actually helps pay off debts so that becomes their main priority rather than the country's inhabitants. They also have other problems to finance so physical environments slides further in the list of priorities. Also becoming a larger city with more people working is better for the economy so countries like Brazil may not be eager to make shanty towns smaller or clear them because less people are working in urban areas. ...read more.

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