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  1. rivers coursework

    doing this it will let me prove my first hypothesis, which is the water will increase as you go downstream. -To measure the water width we had to start the tape measure from where the water touches the channel edge.

  2. Hunstanton coursework

    By looking at graph 4 I can see that most people hear about Hunstanton from friends, the number of people who hears about Hunstanton from relatives is also quite high. 44.4 % of the people who I asked my questionnaire heard about Hunstanton from friends.

  1. Morpeth Coursework

    This data will then help me prove that the quality of the environment is NOT equally good in all parts of Morpeth. I will then describe my results in great detail and tell you that I think the quality of the environment is not equally good in all parts of Morpeth.

  2. Lulworth Cove Coursework

    The lowest mark was given as a 3 at the Cark Park but taking all into consideration there is not a lot the council can do to reduce the noise pollution in this area, especially when there is so many tourists visiting the cove.

  1. Vegetation Coursework

    Then as you move even further down the average rainfall drops and the vegetation becomes less dense and less varied. Then in the south of India the rainfall increases as you near the equator. The area is very densely vegetated and there is a large variety of plants and trees.

  2. Flooding in Bangladesh

    To build large protection buildings on stilts. They would be able to hold up to 1000 people and shelter animals. During an abnormal flood people could go there, they would be safe from drowning. Although in the past some similar buildings on stilts have been swept away by floods.

  1. Analysis of The Maer at exmouth, coursework

    Developing on The Maer would destroy a popular amenity. Also developing on The Maer would affect the view of the beautiful Maer for the attractive houses opposite on the hill. The residents would not be at all happy and would more than likely protest.

  2. Geography Bangladesh Coursework

    Another reason for Bangladesh being an LEDC is a consequence of its highly dense population. This would not be a problem if money was sufficient in Bangladesh, but the country is poor, meaning it cannot provide for its large number of inhabitants.

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