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  1. rivers coursework

    the M have increased in depth again compared to the other two sites, however the RHS has decreased again so this could be an anomalous result. There seems to be a pattern that follows for the M depth in all 3 sites as it increases at all 3 sites.

  2. Morpeth Coursework

    It was important to have a timetable because it gave me rough idea of how long to spend at each site and how long to spend to travel from different survey sites. This timetable helped to me to get a 10th survey site and sticking to this got me more

  1. Flooding in Bangladesh

    The rapid runoff caused soil erosion. Spawning grounds for fish and other wildlife habitat were destroyed, water was also contaminated which caused diseases to spread. Furthermore according to reports people who live in perennial flooded zones have low indicators in all sectors of health, nutrition and education.

  2. Hunstanton coursework

    The questions used in the questionnaire were: 1. What purpose are you in Hunstanton? Tourist - day tripper.......... Tourist - longer than one day......... Permanent resident ......... Visiting friends/ relatives......... Business.............. Other reason............... This question is trying to find out for what purpose they are in Hunstanton weather they are a tourist or maybe they are here for business.

  1. Geography Coursework, Thailand

    to many different rich or high in economic potential countries such as China and Singapore. Many businessmen would probably make Chiang Mai as a stopover to settle down some documents or business and then fly to other places or countries to work on other businesses.

  2. Flooding in Bangladesh

    Carbon dioxide is the most important single factor in global warming. It is produced by road vehicles and by burning fossil fuels. This creates the world's average temperature to increase, this results in snow on mountains like the Himalayas to melt slightly.

  1. Floods of 1998 in Bangladesh and Shrewsbury

    They became trapped or stranded on the top floor of their houses, as the ground floor was flooded with polluted water. Elderly people were particularly vulnerable to becoming trapped. The floods led to at least 12 deaths. The effects of the floods were not solely felt in the urban areas, farmers had to move cattle to higher ground.

  2. Vegetation Coursework

    The amount of precipitation is a major factor that affects the vegetation in an area. Depending on the amount of rain, different types of plants and trees grow. For example in arid regions where the rainfall is minimal most plants can't survive and therefore dense vegetation is very rare in deserts.

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