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  1. Vegetation Coursework

    The soil was also coarse and wouldn't hold the roots of the plants firmly. This is because of the fact that the moisture in the soil which comes from precipitation evaporates quickly as there is nothing covering the ground. This means that the soil particles aren't bound together and therefore it is coarse and light in colour.

  2. Hunstanton coursework

    On graph three I can see that nearly every one has visited Hunstanton before. 88.9 % of the people have visited Hunstanton before and the rest 11.1 % haven't this means that people who comes to Hunstanton enjoys it that's why they come back and there are new people who hear about Hunstanton and comes here for the first time.

  1. Analysis of The Maer at exmouth, coursework

    The most frequent occurring age of both locations was 41-60 years old. There was no-one younger than 21 at The Maer. However there are some explanations for this. When I visited The Maer it was mid-week and midday, a time that the average employee would be at work or school.

  2. Morpeth Coursework

    For a noise pollution test, to be more precise, I will use my phone and mesure the distance until you can no longer hear the noise. The theory is; the longer the distance the quieter the area. I will need to keep the same person for walking the distance to make my test as accurate as possible.

  1. Swanage Geography Coursework

    and graphs about some of the relevant information on Swanage like population, Employment Rate, Age Structure etc. From these results it should give me a clear indication about Swanage and its history. Population of Swanage In Figure 2.1 it shows both the statistics and the graph of the Population of

  2. Geography Bangladesh Coursework

    Another reason for Bangladesh being an LEDC is a consequence of its highly dense population. This would not be a problem if money was sufficient in Bangladesh, but the country is poor, meaning it cannot provide for its large number of inhabitants.

  1. Tidermarsh coursework

    Advantages * The houses would sell more for more money. * This would attract the same group of peoples, which are living there. * This type of house will not contribute for a big increase in traffic, crime and pollution.

  2. Geography Coursework, Thailand

    Also, these markets became even more sensitive to Thailand's safety issues and declined even more with the continuous bombing such as the New Year's Even bombing in Bangkok from last year. However, in 2007, a slight relief appeared in Thailand's Tourism industry.

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