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  1. rivers coursework

    Contrary to that there seems to be no pattern for the LHS or the RHS in all 3 sites which suggest that the results so far could be anomalous, and therefore could be due to inaccurate measuring of the water depth.

  2. Morpeth Coursework

    my results in any way, but by doing it this way I might of saved time to do more survey sites. Why each site was used and what did I find? 1) Bridge Street Bridge Street was used because it is in a Central Business District.

  1. Vegetation Coursework

    The vegetation in Delhi is mainly concentrated on the outskirts of the city. It mainly comprises of small and medium sized plants and shrubs like neem,mango,papal,jaman and sisso. In the plain areas of the city there are mainly shisham trees.

  2. Analysis of The Maer at exmouth, coursework

    Not masses of people to ask and also if someone's answer wasn't included in the multiple choice then it went down as 'other'. I didn't record what their actual answer was. It could have been useful to me in answering my hypothesis.

  1. Geography Bangladesh Coursework

    Another reason for Bangladesh being an LEDC is a consequence of its highly dense population. This would not be a problem if money was sufficient in Bangladesh, but the country is poor, meaning it cannot provide for its large number of inhabitants.

  2. Geography Coursework, Thailand

    Also, these markets became even more sensitive to Thailand's safety issues and declined even more with the continuous bombing such as the New Year's Even bombing in Bangkok from last year. However, in 2007, a slight relief appeared in Thailand's Tourism industry.

  1. Flooding in Bangladesh

    Causes Deforestation in Nepal is increasing the risk of flooding in Bangladesh. As trees are cut down it causes surface runoff to increase because the trees do not absorb the water. The water carries soil into the rivers which builds up the river bed, this process results in the river becoming shallower.

  2. Flooding in Bangladesh

    Another physical cause of flooding in Bangladesh is tectonic activity. The Indian Plate is moving towards the Eurasian Plate. The land where they meet (Himalayas) is getting higher and steeper every year (fold mountains).

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