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  1. rivers coursework

    because of the load eroding away at the banks allowing even greater corrasion to occur. At meanders and sinuous parts of a river inside river bends require a lot of deposition thus decreasing the water width. Outside parts of the river bend get eroded more due to undercutting from fast

  2. Morpeth Coursework

    I was organized by preparing tables for traffic count, 10 pieces of cotton wool in separate bags to test, individually, air pollution, bringing my own clipboard and the appropriate stationary required. We chose 10 different survey sites to test the factors in different areas of Morpeth.

  1. Flooding in Bangladesh

    The rapid runoff caused soil erosion. Spawning grounds for fish and other wildlife habitat were destroyed, water was also contaminated which caused diseases to spread. Furthermore according to reports people who live in perennial flooded zones have low indicators in all sectors of health, nutrition and education.

  2. Geography Coursework, Thailand

    Also, because many tourism agencies would give packages to many tourists, giving them a trip throughout Thailand, many tourists would just visit Chiang Mai for a few days and continue their trip to other places in Thailand. 2. Most Tourists stay in Chiang Mai for a maximum of one week.

  1. Flooding in Bangladesh

    Carbon dioxide is the most important single factor in global warming. It is produced by road vehicles and by burning fossil fuels. This creates the world's average temperature to increase, this results in snow on mountains like the Himalayas to melt slightly.

  2. Hunstanton coursework

    The attraction in Hunstanton include Hunstanton sea life sanctuary, princess theatre, amusements, adventure golf, funfair and the oasis leisure centre. Hunstanton has a population of about 4500. As you can see in Map 1 Hunstanton is located in the east of England, in west Norfolk A map of Hunstanton is shown below.

  1. Floods of 1998 in Bangladesh and Shrewsbury

    Thousands of homes were marooned by floodwater, experts estimated the total damage bill could exceed �100 million. Shrewsbury, which turned down a �5 million flood defence package four years previous to the floods, suffered its worst flooding in more than 30 years.

  2. Vegetation Coursework

    The amount of precipitation is a major factor that affects the vegetation in an area. Depending on the amount of rain, different types of plants and trees grow. For example in arid regions where the rainfall is minimal most plants can't survive and therefore dense vegetation is very rare in deserts.

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