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Bangladesh flood

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ENGLISH TIMES WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE Bangladesh floods again! Is this another 1988 flood? Bangladesh only exists because of the flooding that occurs each year and the rivers that flow through. Bangladesh is 80% delta which is low lying land and could be washed away at anytime. Even an extra meter of water can have disastrous affects. This also means that 80% of the land is a flood plain. It is expected the land will flood with 30% of the land being flooded which is an area the size of Wales. But is only considered a 'big' flood and abnormal if more than 30% of the land is flooded. (Source 1) Flooding in the 1988 Bangladesh flood. Bangladesh is one of the most crowded countries in the world. Compared to the U.K. there are twice as many people in almost half as much space. The population in Bangladesh is 124,774,000 and in England 58,649,000. But Bangladesh is also a poor country 77% of the population live in the rural countryside to farm the land, in the united kingdom only 11% live in the countryside because we are a developed MEDC. Many people in Bangladesh have to live here because farming is the only way that they can get enough money and food to survive. ...read more.


Basically this means the water has to go somewhere so will build up at the end of the channel where the embankments end and flood. The disastrous flood that hit in August 1988 covered 80 per cent of the land affecting two thirds of the population. It is the worst flood in the history the of Bangladesh floods. 7179 thousand houses were damaged and 2922 thousand tonnes of rice were lost. Having a flood this bad meant that electricity supplies were cut off. Whenever this happens it stops any communication links. There was no clean, safe drinking water because the wells had flooded. The official death toll was 2379, but because the country is poor and the flood was terrible many people were unaccounted for. Many people died from water born diseases such as cholera and dysentery. This is not new, these diseases are faced every year. There is even a fear of deaths from snake bites. The snakes take refuge on the top of buildings with the people as they are looking for dry land too. After abnormal floods there is the problem of the shortage of food, clean safe drinking water, and medicine. ...read more.


Trained operators would be provided. This would enable villagers to carry out an evacuation. The major disadvantage of this is that people have all their crops and their homes on the land that is going to be flooded so they are reluctant to leave. Bangladesh is 30% flooded on a normal year and more when there is an abnormal flood. There are a lot of inhabitants so there is no where for them to go even if there was a warning of a flood. The answer to the problem is not to stop the floods because that is the reason why Bangladesh exists. We want to prevent the loss of human life and damage to processions property and crops. Shamsul Huda works for the flood protection for Bangladesh. He says "we know that the country cannot stop flooding our aim is to control the floods." The country learns to live with the floods to them it is just a nuisance but to us it would be a catastrophe. If the country was above the Brent line making it a MEDC then it would be able to deal with the flooding more efficiently. (Source 7) Bangladesh people If you would like to help or find out more go on to the website www.bandladeshfloodhelp.com. ?? ?? ?? ?? Monday 17th July 1994 Page 1 ...read more.

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