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Bangladesh Flooding

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Introduction In this assessment I'm going to be writing about the flooding in Bangladesh. First I will look at the causes of flooding, including human and physical causes. I will also be writing about the effects of these floodings and how people cope with these disasters, including some pictures and images. In addition, I will include a short story about a lucky survivor as well as how human activity is making the flooding worse. Furthermore, I will be talking about the conflicting demands and what I think will happen in the future. Data UK Bangladesh Population (millions) 55 118 Area (sq km) 245000 144000 No. of people per sq km 241 909 Average annual income (�) 12000 150 % of people living in rural areas 10 82 Length of roads per 1000 sq km of land 1500 30 Phone lines per 1000 people 488 2 Radios per 1000 people 1429 47 TV's per 1000 people 488 2 Causes of Flooding (Human & Physical) There are lots of different of the Bangladesh flooding and they can be split into two sections; human causes and physical causes. Human causes are when humans do things to cause the flooding but a physical cause is what happens naturally to cause the flooding. ...read more.


One main approach is to plant trees in the areas where there's nice fertile soil, this is called afforestation. Another way that people get back is to build cyclone shelters. These are big centres, usually schools, that are built on stilts so when a flood happens, everyone that's in it is safe. However, the problem with these shelters is they are expensive to build and because the country is an LEDC (less economically developed countries), it can't afford many of these shelters. Additionally, a lot of farmers raise ducks instead of chickens, as a food source, because ducks can swim while the chickens will just drown. Also, another way that the country has been working on is- building roads, railways and houses that are most likely to flood, on stilts. This way, people are more likely to survive and keep their possessions safe. Moving on, rural areas near the coast tend to have some people with megaphones to warn the people in the villages that a very bad flood is going to happen. Furthermore, as technology develops, even LEDC's are able to predict when about a flood is going to happen. This makes sure that the people have enough time to get to the cyclone shelters or somewhere safe. ...read more.


The reason why so many people live the rural areas is that people make more money in the rural areas than the urban areas. In the rural areas people grow crops and make business by selling these crops. Also, fishing is another great way to make money in Bangladesh. If you tell the people they can't live in these areas, where will they get money to survive from because the country can't provide everyone with money. What I think will happen in the future I think that flooding in Bangladesh will only get worse because of the rise in the temperature due to global warming. Because the rise in temperature, the glaciers on the Himalayas will start to melt and this melted water adds to the river which makes the water level rise even more. Also, as the temperatures rise, the monsoons are going to become wetter and cyclones are going to get even stronger and worse. Finally, the rapid increase in the population will affect flooding as well. As the population increases, there will be more demands for wood and crops. This means that more people will live in rural areas and more people are likely to be hit by the flood. Also, the demand for wood will increase and more stumps will be dumped into the river which means that the river will get shallower, making it more likely to flood. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohamed 9O 28/05/08 ...read more.

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