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Bath attracts both inbound and domestic tourists for a variety of reasons. Domestic tourists visit the city to admire the scenery, the historic buildings, to take a trip around the local shops and to eat out in the local restaurants and cafes.

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Assignment 3 (P3, M1) Task 2 Bath is a historic/cultural destination and attracts a lot of tourist from across the world and has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Bath is an appealing city to wide range of tourists. Located in North East Somerset in the South West of the United Kingdom, Bath is 10 miles East of Bristol on the River Avon, close to the Cotswold Hills and Stonehenge in Wiltshire for which Bath provides a gateway. This makes Bath appealing to tourists, as there are many ways to travel to and from the city. Main Gateways being Bristol Airport from Bristol you can either get a coach to Bath or take a short bus trip to the train station and get the train into Bath. Heathrow and Gatwick Airport are also main airports that are used from here you travel up the M4 Motorway and then the A46 into Bath. The main ports into Bath are Plymouth and Portsmouth these are most popular with tourists from France from these ports either a train or coach can be caught into the City. ...read more.


Many families are attracted to Royal Victoria Park as it contains a large play area to entertain children and it is free to visit and nice to take a picnic and eat outside if the weather is nice. The park also attracts a range of older people as it has range of beautiful gardens. Some of the attractions in Bath charge a fee to enter such as the Roman Baths, the Fashion museum, Sally Lunns historic tea house and the Bath Abbey. The process for the attractions range Bath Abbey charges �5.00 for an adult and �2.50 for a child. The Roman Baths charge �11.00 or an adult but there is an offer that if you visit both the Roman Baths and the Fashion Museum you get them for �15.00. The free attractions in Bath include the Poultney Bridge and the Royal Crescent. There are many shops and restaurants in Bath that attract a lot of families, couples and business people into the City. ...read more.


Bath is popular with inbound tourists from America and Canada this is because they do not have historic sites in their countries therefore Baths historic past attracts them to the City. They are particularly attracted to the spa, the Royal Crescent and the Poultney Bridge. This is because they were built in the roman and Victorian times. Bath is has recently become popular with Japanese and Chinese visitors. They come to view the sites of Bath and often take the city tour bus around the whole of Bath. The building and natural attractions is what particularly attract Japanese and Chinese people because the buildings are different to what they have in their own country. Foreign students also like to visit Bath to learn more about British history, they also use this time visiting to increase their English Language. Inbound tourism bring in a lot of Baths tourism this is because of the historic past it has, tourists come to look around and take in the buildings a views the City has. ...read more.

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