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Blackpool - geographical enquiry

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Introduction This geographical enquiry is to be taken place in Blackpool, a seaside resort in the England. On a day chosen we will test several theories in this seaside resort to compare them with the past, and the variety of difference what can be seen from the coast to several miles inland. However, to test these ideas we chose 2 hypotheses, the first one is that Blackpool changes with distance from the sea, and the second one is that tourist patterns have changed now compared to how it was in the Victorian times. Firstly, Collecting and comparing data from the Victorian times in Blackpool enables us to investigate the growth of Blackpool, and if it has improved its status as a main seaside resort in England. Secondly, collecting data on how Blackpool changes with distance from sea, would allow us to see if there is a basic difference in environment ,furthermore allowing us to see where economically blackpool is at its peak. The sea side resort of Blackpool is located on the Northwestern coast of England. It's situated north of Liverpool, and directly west of Preston. Around are several other seaside resorts such as Southport which also attracts a lot of tourist. ...read more.


1) The first zone coded blue is known as the CBD (The Central Business District) this is an area densely populated with many commercercial shops and businesses. In this area recreational facilities are found such as shopping centres, and cinemas, with easy assessable routes to get in and out of the city. The building here usually are high value because the land here is under competition all the time. Competition is high here because this is where the majority of money is in the city; in addition the most successful businesses are in this type of area. Many buildings here are very tall (for example skyscrapers) because statistics show it is a lot cheaper to build upward, rather than building outwards what takes up a lot of space. Land here is so expensive which explains why these areas are sparsely populated with home owners. 2) the second zone coded red is known as the Transition Zone, This zone has cafes ,car parks etc.these areas usually are adapted to people who want to live closer to the CBD and flats and apartments are built for this purpose. The original buildings in this district are usually old; this is why flats are built in replacement. ...read more.


This shows that it is more expensive to rent as an industrial business man than it is to buy a house The Seaside Model Fig 1.5 Key 1) - RBD (Recreational Business District) 2) - Large Hotels 3) - Small hotels/B&B 4) - CBD 5) -Inner City(low class residential) 6) -Medium class residential 7) -High class residential The seaside model can be explained by Fig 1.5.this is the theory that along the sea front there are the main attractions on a seaside town. This area along the seafront is called the RBD (Recreational Business District). Along the sea front there are large hotels and businesses which explains where the economy is being put in blackpool.east from here is where we see slight changes in that there are a small variety of small hotels and B&Bs, however there was only one large hotel here which wasn't as well kept as the ones on the seafront. In the middle of the model there is the CBD (The Central Business District), this is where main roads are found, and the main transport service routes to the seafront. In this area we saw a lot of small shops, which explains why there is a residential area after this. In the main residential area this is where the majority of people in Blackpool live, and permanently stay, these areas are usually quiet. ...read more.

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