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Boscastle Flood - Info

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Analyse, Review and Comment on Media Coverage of Michael Jackson's Memorial Service In this essay, I am going to analyse, review and comment upon how the media have reported on Michael Jackson's funeral at the Staples Centre, LA, on July 7 2009. The media I will cover are: The Daily Star, The Sun, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Guardian and The Times. This first section will be about how the media present their title page and what their views seem to be at first glance. The Sun uses a picture of Paris, Prince, and Blanket. In this highly emotive, almost inspirational picture, Paris is looking up towards the heavens with a tear running down her face as if she was looking for her father. Prince Michael has his arm around Paris and a protective hand on Blanket's shoulder. He looks very grown up and is wearing a smart black suit. His eyes, however, show how sad he is. Blanket's face is half hidden behind a program for the event. He has clearly been crying as you can see the tear tracks on his face. He is clutching a half-naked doll of his father, as if he does not ever want to let go of him. He looks exceptionally young and vulnerable. They all look like a small tight-knit family. This picture is highly unusual as Jackson focused a lot of his energy on hiding them and protecting them from the media. It is ironic that in his death they should finally be pictured, particularly like this. There is a quote down the side, under "Jacko Daughter's Tribute". This title seems an unusual choice for a report on a memorial because it comes from the nickname, "Wacko Jacko", but it also shows a form of respect, as they have dropped "Wacko". ...read more.


thought that the whole memorial was one massive overblown show. He mentions how some of the speakers made indirect references to Jackson's troubles and then he listed them. This was very unkind, disrespectful and insensitive towards the family. After reviewing all of these title pages, I think that The Sun has been the kindest and most sympathetic; it also showed the most respect. The Sunday Times magazine has portrayed him as a very angelic figure which is respectful but it has mentioned his dubious past in the Title and subtitle. The Guardian is easily the least respectful and sympathetic. It was mocking and insensitive. Now I will consider the text used in each of the media pieces. In the Daily Star, there isn't a lot of text. What there is tends to be quite emotive although not very sympathetic. There is a small caption, next to the picture of Jackson's brothers, which says "We are Family: the sombre Jackson brothers arrive". This refers to the song "We Are Family" and the true nature of the event, a memorial service (where the mood is generally sombre). This is the first reference they use (either in text or images) where the Daily Star tells us about the mood of the memorial. At the very top of the page there is a line which says "Michael Jackson: The Final Show" this refers to his showy nature when he performed, which was very famous. In the text on the page, the authors have used lots of disrespectful slang such as the nickname "Jacko" and "Pals" which do not fit in with the type of language common at funerals. ...read more.


The second picture they use is of Shaheen Jarfargholi, the British kid who was in the Britain's Got Talent Final. They do an entire section on him and how he felt about performing at his idols memorial service. In The Sunday Times Magazine they use only pictures of the family. They used lots of them with the children very young and with Michael. I think they did this because they wanted to approach the story from a different angle, the family angle. In the Daily Star, there is a little picture of the elephants that are parading past the venue. These elephants are part of a circus, which was due to use the arena later that day, when the memorial service had finished. On their heads is the slogan "The Greatest Show on Earth" which is how the service was described by the Daily Star. This is extremely offensive. In this Essay I have analysed, reviewed and commented on the media coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service. The general tone of the newspapers was unsympathetic, although they seemed to change this when talking about Jackson's children. The Sun seemed to be the most sympathetic overall and the Daily Star was the least. The Sunday Times magazine would be good if you wanted to read about Jackson's children and how they are adapting to life without their father, but it offered little information about the service. I think that each of the papers was very opinionated, following the view of their editors and the reporters. I think that this should be changed, should the media show their own interpretation of the news and try to bring you around to that view? Or should they stick to the facts? These are questions that someone, sometime, somewhere should look at. By Danielle Evans 10M ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Evans ...read more.

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