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Box Hill Coursework. We went to box hill to check and see if tourism has affected the environment of box hill and how well all of these impacts are being managed.

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Box Hill Coursework Box Hill is a summit of the North Downs in Surrey.The western part of the hill is owned and managed by the National Trust, whilst the village of Box Hill lies on higher ground to the east. The whole of box hill is currently used for tourism many people use box hill to enjoy the wildlife. We went to box hill to check and see if tourism has affected the environment of box hill and how well all of these impacts are being managed. We also measured and calculated the number of green and wild life on the in different areas of the pathway. The impacts on box hill of leisure are likely to be getting worse and worse because many people leave rubbish lying around, although, this is not the biggest impact. One of the biggest impact is that the national trust have been building many cafes and shops for tourist which also affects the environment and wildlife of box hill, in this coursework I'm going to go through the impacts and how it can be managed. ...read more.


5 15% 35 Excellent Our results show that box hill is going to be affected no matter what due to the high number of tourism. There are many more different ways in which box hill is affected, one of these is below. Tourists and locals around the area also affect box hill by taking their cars up to the top of box hill, this causes a lot of pollution in the environment, and it could destroy or affect some eco systems in the area. At box hill I asked tourists to fill out a questionnaire on how they got there that day, 14 People out of 22 said they have travelled by car or coach although this number may increase because the number of tourists increase every year. Furthermore, National Trust have said they are going to extend the car park which will increase the number of tree's being cut down, furthermore, it may mean many more animals and insects will die. Managing leisure use There had been many different things done to cope with the increasing number of visitor use, one of which was the footpath. ...read more.


One of which is the pie chart above; as the graph above shows: more people though their visit has affected the environment, one visitor has said that he affected box hill buy walking over and killing the grass. In a couple of years it this would lead to serious erosion and would leave muddy pathways. Conclusion By going to box hill; we have found out many different things about the impact of tourism in box hill, most important ones were the erosion and the effected wild life at the top of box hill. Many of the pathways are being destroyed, which may mean that national trust will have to think of different ideas on how to sustain the environment or even re-new all the pathways which were made which would cause even more pollution. As you can see from the picture above it is not only the tourists that affect box hill: its national trust themselves. They drive their cars through the middle of box hill destroyed plants and the different types of eco systems around it and furthermore, polluting the area. This asks us the question: Does National Trust really care about the environment? Lake windamer ...read more.

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