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Bradley Stoke, a quite picturesque town with lots of facilities or just an overflow housing estate for Bristol?

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Bradley Stoke: Heven or Hell Bradley Stoke, a quite picturesque town with lots of facilities or just an overflow housing estate for Bristol? Location Bradley Stoke is situated to the east of Bristol near Chepstow. It covers 420 Hectares of land, which is approximately 4200km. It is situated in the heart of green belt land within a short distance of the M4 and M5 motorways. It is also close to the Bristol Parkway railway station. The location is convenient to reach historical sites and beauty spots such as the Roman city of Bath, the Black Mountains, the Wye Valley and Bristol City itself. History The population of the Bristol area grew so rapidly in the 1980's that a developer bought Bradley stoke and used the area for new housing as a over flow from Bristol. In 1986 the developer received permission to build houses in Bradley stoke after several applications for planning permission were refused as Bradley Stoke was in the heart of the green belt. The 420 hectares of land was used to build 8,500 houses for around 25,500 people to live in. It was the biggest housing development of its kind in Europe at the time it was built. All sizes of families were catered for during construction from 1 bed roomed houses to 3 and 4 bed roomed detached houses. 38% of the houses built were detached, 15% semi detached, 35% terraced, 8% were flats and 4% were temporary accommodation. House prices were dependant on its size and the available facilities. ...read more.


There is an extensive road network in Bradley Stoke with more plans to build new roads to service new housing areas. Regular bus services run through the area, which have been more regular since public request but it is found that the bus routs are long due to the nature of the road set-up in Bradley Stoke. There are plans to introduce more bus services for the area. The student survey shows that 20% think that the bus services are poor, 40% think that it is average and no one thinks that is excellent, whilst the views on the road network are that 10% think that the road network is poor, 20% think that it is average, 70% think that it is good but no one thinks that the network is excellent. Resident's views on the motorway network at Bradley Stoke vary with some residents feeling that "It's very handy for the motorway" and others feeling that "The noise from the motorway is terrible". The majority of the planned cycle paths and pathways have been completed and the remainder are to be completed in the future. Residents appear to be happy with these facilities and have been quoted as saying "It's nice to be able to walk or cycle through all open spaces". The students' views on these facilities show that they too are happy with 10% feeling that the feelings are poor, 20% feel they are average, 70% good but no one sees these facilities as excellent. ...read more.


The children describe how they have to play football in a pub car park. I feel that the planners got it very wrong when they designed the lay out of Bradley Stoke; they completely under estimated the number of young families that would be attracted to the area. Although the setting is lovely, and this is possibly the reason why so many young couples moved there in the first place, this obviously does nothing to help the families who are finding it difficult to afford their houses and have no hope of moving out of them and who's children have no facilities to keep them occupied. My questions about Bradley Stoke. My initial questions were: - * Where on earth is Bradley Stoke? * Do they have any Internet cafes? * Does it have any good shops? * Is it all it's cracked up to be? Conclusion I now know exactly were Bradley Stoke and how too get there, not that I would want to because it sounds more remote than I am used to and from what I have read its not a very exciting place to live. I also know that they have hardly any facilities so Internet cafes are out of the question. Instead of asking if they have good shops I should ask if they have any at all. Is Bradley Stoke Heven or hell? I think it is hell because Bradley Stoke is supposed to have lots of facilities for families but in fact it has very few. Instead of it being a quite picturesque place to live it is a noisy town sandwiched between 2 busy motorways. ...read more.

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