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Brazil's economic crisis.

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In this essay I will be discussing the problems Brazil has faced and experienced as a developing country. I will also be describing the things the Brazilian government had done to try and solve its problems and then I'll be making my own suggestions about how Brazil may continue to develop in a safe, less damaging way. Brazil is a country in South America; its population is about 156 million. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. The area of Brazil is 8,512,000 (sq km). The official language in Brazil is Portuguese, but there are many more. Brazil is made up of mostly rainforest. Their main rainforest is called the Amazon it's the largest drainage basin. Brazil is in a lot of debt they owe $112 billion. Brazil received 23 million in the northeast for emergency aid and irrigation in 1994.The shape of the land was a barrier to settlement. Population increased so they needed more space so they spread along the coast. Brazil has had many obstacles to overcome on its road to development. These have been both physical and human. Physical problems have included climate, relief and soil fertility. ...read more.


72 39 Brazil's industrial production (%) 56 16 People employed in industry (%) 70 10 Brazil's energy consumption (%) 71 13 Urban dwellers (%) 84 47 With electricity (%) 82 15 Clean water (%) 64 23 Car ownership (%) 66 10 The Brazilian government has introduced three main projects to spread development throughout the country. Brasilia is the capital city of Brazil. The Brazilian people had expressed concern about the rapid speed of economic development and population in countries such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. So in 1952 the Brazilian congress agreed to create a new capital city. In 1960 Brasilia was named the capital of Brazil. Brasilia was successful in some ways because Brasilia's population had reached 1.9 million by 1900. But there have been many problems its economy was based on commerce and administration rather then industry. Many people preferred to live in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo and commute to work. The idea behind SUDAM (Trans Amazonian Highway) was to build roads through the rainforest to access the city or factories nearby. The SUDAM project hasn't been a success at all, because rain has leached and eroded the soil. ...read more.


In April of this year American leaders made a free trade agreement at Quebec summit. They can to an agreement of expansion of the North American free trade agreement by no later than January 2005. The free trade area is said to be worth $11.4 trillion. Drop the debt would be for this agreement because Brazil would no longer spend so much money. I believe that after Brazil has managed to get rid of the debt they can prosper into a developed country, but first they need start using the rainforest in a sustainable way and maybe they might profit from what they are doing. The only problem is if they want to develop they have to scrap projects like the SUDAM project and the Polamazonia project. Even though they were some advantages from these projects the disadvantages outweighed the advantages and proved more devastating not to the environment but to the people as well. The Amerindian way of life had been destroyed and no longer existed in some parts and colonists are getting moved out of their own habitat to make way for these new projects. Having said all this I think all Brazil has to do is find ways of developing without harming the rainforest and without harming the Brazilian people. Sheena Jhoree 11ns ...read more.

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